First time going DIY need some help

Hello everyone this is my first time going DIY since I sold my Boosted Board, but I need some help with the parts and making sure everything is compatible.

Here’s my current part list

Torque Board 40’’ drop deck. Battery Enclosure: 12S4P V3F Enclosure 12S4P Battery Pack: 12S4P FLEX Battery Pack (18650 SAMSUNG 30Q)

As for the ESC I’m not really sure what to get, I might still go for the Flipsky because it’s readily available. The remote will probably be a Hoyt puck.

My following questions are. Is there anything else I’m missing? With everything I’ve listed so far could I assemble and build?

My other alternatives are to buy a build it kit board which I hear great things about but I don’t really want a short deck (BKB y u no make long board kit).

Or buy a premade like a Ownboard Bamboo or Carbon which I hear has terrible QC issues right now, run it until it dies then try to rebuild something upon it’s corpse.


Cheapest option is buy a BKB kit since the quality is great, and then buy a longboard deck so you can assemble the kit on that deck. It just needs to be 9" wide

The Haggy drivetrain and the TB deck/battery/enclosure will work just fine, in terms of the ESC anything but a Flipsky is probably an improvement


lots of people go down this route as a first option, its probably cheaper/easier upfront and you can always whack in a dual motor VESC controller later and start experiencing more of what the DIY world has to offer…

Its also worthwhile pointing out, even the most perfectly built eboards from the best companies will eventually have some fault or maintenance issues. Take boosted boards for example, they were famous for there great quality & service, but their boards always needed to be repaired too.

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I don’t know what ESC to get that’s currently available, everyone recommends a focbox but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

I really like the BKB board, but I want to try a AT street carver. @onloop you are correct about the issues with production boards especially Boosted I had to have both my motors replaced within a month of getting the board.