First time losing signal from remote...Holy Shit! Time for a new controller!

I have been one of the ones defending the Nano Remotes for almost two months now. Until today it has been flawless! I have the “Winning” remote but without winning on it so I assume its one of the second generation remotes. Today while rolling down a decent hill I decided to apply some brake to shave off a little speed, pulled the thumbwheel back and NOTHING! There I was at 12-15 mph and decided to bail. Thankfully I bailed and got a good footing to run it our without falling. Having a helmet on has never been such a good feeling!

So, What is the remote option I could go with and never have this problem again?? GT2B with an enclosure mod?

if you want thumb control, you can use the Bechwheel DIY one, If trigger is wanted, you can either go with modded gt2b or with 2.4 GHz mini remote.

My mini remote has been rock solid. Simple and cheap. @JLabs posted the other day he’s got some in stock.

Just to confirm you have a nano remote and not a Nano-X? Right?

Correct, I have the Nano form MEB. I have never had signal drop before. I charged it last night since I had rode about 8 miles since getting it and never charging. now I wish I wouldn’t have.

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Thank you. I have the mini remote as well and never had a drop. I’m also using a gt2b with mastercho mod and it’s perfect too. Any chance the esc lead is loose in the receiver?

Are you using a Vesc or some other esc?

I’m testing a new enclosure for the gt2b with a thumb stick.

Mini remote is also solid, unless the battery is very low.

Whats the GT2B with thumbstick?

How do you know it was the remote?

I had that same issue loosing brakes several times and not a simple time it was due a remote disconnection. Ad soon ad you get that problem I suggest to, do not turn off your board, go home plug your VESC to the computer and type “faults” on the terminal section of the BLDC tool.

If you get an over current error, check your VESC settings and your motor connectors.

This might actually be something I look ok at. It lost signal twice more and each time I had to power off and back on to get remote response.

Ollin Board vesc.

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Ok, reason I asked is because I used to have a similar experience using opto 12s car esc’s Where after coasting downhill for a minute, I would try to apply a little brake and no response. I would have to engage throttle and then go straight to brake to make it work. In my case it was the esc not the remote. I also use Ollin Vescs now and they are rock solid. I did try the nano remote for a minute once and immediately switched back to my Mini remote. One thing I noticed was that if I walked a little distance from my board with the remote, it would loose signal. I don’t know if it is because it has a weak signal or poor antenna but I never have that issue with the mini remote.

Benchweel user here and I’ve had it for at least 6 months has worked great

I just designed it, its a wii nunchuck inspired gt2b mod. :sunglasses:


@saul I’m interested, will this be an open source design or you are planing to make a business?

There is already a GT2B thumb throttle case

undecided. maybe both…doner remotes and filament costs adds up lol

now there is another! and its very different.

Personally I wouldn’t trust my life to a bluetooth linked controller. Some places in my city there is so much RF noise that most bluetooth devices range drops to a few feet. I use a GT2B but even that seems a bit sketchy at times. I wish there was something like the GT2B but of higher quality, with modern frequency hopping, 8 channels and a choice of receivers. Like what FrSky make but in a small package.

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Looks cool.