First time ride tips and things to check

I thought maybe getting some input from the owners that already got their boards, things that are good to do when you first receive your board.

Do the belts need to be checked right away, or is it good to go? I’ve read changing the bushing, but this is only for personal preference? If there was anything you did to your board or would suggest to newbies to watch out for.

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I was also new to Esk8 when I purchased my 2in1 Carbon GT. I had a skateboard when I was younger but that is the extent of my experience. I definitely took it easy and rode in an empty parking lot for about 30 minutes to get acclimated to the power of the GT before I went on the street. Being athletic and coordinated I picked it up pretty quickly. I did do some homework prior to receiving my GT by going to this forum along with watching countless YouTube videos.

Below are the main points from a novice like me:

  • Inspect your GT and make sure screws are not loose. Yes, check your belts to make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. (Mine was perfect)
  • Tighten your trucks (One closer to the deck tighten more than the lower one - Test by standing on it)
  • As noted before on this forum, the remote is very sensitive and if you are not on your GT and you accidentally bump the trigger it will launch your GT.
  • Your 2in1 will come with the AT set-up which I kept for about a month to get use to the GT.
  • Also as noted on this forum, I had issues when I changed over to the street set-up with the Abec 11 97mm wheels. Two screws holding one of the motors got stripped as I was removing them. Invest in some harder hex wrench than what came from the factory. I had to have a friend help me get them off with a product that helps remove stripped screws. I also think the factory used extra strong Loctite instead of the medium blue they recommend. Evolve did send me new screws for free.
  • Use Loctite every time you change your set-up.
  • Inspect your GT after each ride.
  • I clean the GT after each ride as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Be prepared to get stopped by people asking about your GT. Be prepared to get asked if they can ride your GT. Be prepared to see people in awe of the GT.


we spoke on the reddit forum. Since I receive my board with the wheel setup I wanted, the only thing I did was check the board/remote was pairing and working before heading out to a school playground to learn for an hour. I put on all safety gear - helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads. It looks goofy but better safe than sorry.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Already got the safety equipment, just looking at some elbow pads. Something slim that can be worn under a bulky hoodie I’d what I’m looking for. I plan on taking it easy and getting to know it before doing any kind of speed. I’m fortunate that there is some great closed to traffic roads that run along the dykes here. Perfect training ground really.

I will be sure to tighten the trucks. Good heads up.

I’m hoping I don’t get asked too much about the board when out. Not really 100 legal here. But I ran into a guy with a CGT here already…literally the day I found out about them online…it was a sign :wink:

What lights are those? They look great on there.

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Evolve has them on their website. Many compliments from people when they are on. It really fits the GT as if they were permanently put on at the factory.

They don’t have the same ones in Germany evolve site. They have different ones that aren’t as bright. Do these look like them? I have a buddy in the states that can bring them to me in two weeks…fingers crossed.

Serfas CP-R4 90/35 Lumen Thunderbolt Headlight/Taillight Combo One Size

Yes, those are the ones. It comes with two sizes of mounting bands. You will need to buy the smaller ones from Serfas. The bigger ones will have excess rubber hanging off which is not aesthetically appealing. You can also cut them and have them on the bottom so you will not see it. It is found on the bottom by “clicking” Replacement Parts.

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I have had the new Babmboo GT for about 5 days or so now. Recommend tighten the trucks as soon as you can, start too tight then work your way back. I know they built this thing for carving but the double kingpins are wayyyyyyyyyy too loose out of the box and you will kill yourself going over 15km/h.

If you are from Australia go and get yourself a set of the Fluid USB rechargeable light set. I got front and back for $50 so saved a heap on the ones they sell on the evolve store. They are a must if you are riding at night.