First Time Soldering, what do you think?

Lol. All I can say. All you need is a good flat tipped iron (never gas!!!), good pair of helping hands, a proper solder sponge and some patience. Always lead both sides of the connection. Nice vid @lowGuido . :blush:

Where does everyone get their solder paste for wires? I have no idea where to get it in Australia. Thanks for the good tips @delta_19 @lowguido @makepeace

@lox897 Pick up one of these soldering tip cleaners. They work great and won’t reduce your tip temperature like a wet sponge will.

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I have one in my Hakko. It is made out of copper.

I have the same iron-

Use the copper that @Mobutusan recommended, and then use the sponge right afterwards.

So copper, and then sponge. You don’t need to use the sponge every time, but I usually do between soldering each individual connection.

all jokes aside this video is great. Watch it over and over

Looks good to me! A little heavy on the solder, but it looks like it will hold.

I stab the crap out of that glorious golden sponge every time my tip turns crap. Than i wipe the tip on the wet sponge, wait a second for the heat to come back, then go about my business.

@lox897 I use just a wet sponge, cleaning between every join. I think that a combo of the cleaning wire and the sponge is better. Folks seem to make a big deal out of the heat “shock” that might occur with the wet sponge, but I’ve had no problems. I also don’t solder for a living, so it may get problematic if you burn through tips too often.

Also, @lox897, I admire your efforts to get better at soldering! Don’t be discouraged if they come out badly while you’re learning. Here’s a pic of my first terrible attempt at soldering a dean’s connection. I keep it on my bench to remember what not to do… It’s a cold join, I didn’t tin the wire, used a small tip at a low temp, and no flux. As you can see, the result is crap. But the failure helped me to learn!


LOL that looks like one of my awful first attempts as well when i was still using a 25watt iron.

but once you get a nice hot one and learn a few tricks its quick, easy, and you get pro results. Tin everything, bond things while its still flowing, and make it quick so shit doesn’t melt.

I’m still sort of getting used to my new soldering station. I melted an old switch once practicing with it before i realized how hot it gets and how quickly it can flow old solder, and how quick you have to be with it when soldering tiny metal tabs on plastic parts. I’m so glad i got it now though, and i’m looking forward to upgrading one day to a bigger station with a heat gun attachment.

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Guys, do yourselves a favour and get some flux. This thread is making cringe.

When you apply to much heat or apply the heat for to long, all your flux inside the solder evaporate and burns out. You shouldn’t need to apply heat for more than 3 seconds once you everything flowing.

everyone. go out and buy at least a 65 watt iron. It will relieve all of your headaches.

I’ve been soldering with 30watt, its fcking shit to do 10awg cable took forever to get it neat.
But is it 65watt enough or 85 better?

I use a 75 watt unit and i love it.

@longhairedboy man you’re making it hard to pick now! It cost me 5 soldering tip to get my board done, I am done with 30watt solder. If the pad has a heat sink (ESC with heat sink pcb), its impossible to get it done with 30watt.

This is the one i got:

It’s listed at 70 watts but i thought it was 75. I must have been mistaken. Anyway its a decent station for the price and works really well for me, and it wasn’t much more than my 25watt radio shack iron. And it comes with a solder spool holder, a sponge, and an extra element, and the tip cleaning metal sponge thing. And having an easy place to put the hot iron while it on is invaluable.

just wanted to add this though: Buy the hottest and nicest one you can afford if you are planning on doing a ton of soldering. This one is still kind of a cheapo, and i plan to buy a much nicer one, but it still a great iron. Eventually i want one with a hot air gun as well.

that’s pretty horrific @treenutter

but believe it or not Ive seen worse.

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Hate reviving threads, but please no one ever buy shitty Chinese solder. Get the good stuff

Holy shit this is one year old. Back when I was a little shit @psychotiller

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