First Time Soldering, what do you think?

That looks like mine. Can’t wait to start building packs.

use a 5mm tip for the big wires

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What do I do if the negative wire is a bit longer than the positive? Should I reduce the size of the negative wire or put a curve on it to make it smaller (which I don’t think is a good idea because that would strain the wire)

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cut them exact same length and start again.

its good practice.

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Should I leave the negative wire on the xt60 and just attach it again to the shortened wire?

The xt90s have a nice plastic insulating cap for the soldered spots instead of having to rely on shrink wrap

I found 60/40 solder hugely easier to use. And a big bit.

Is this soldering alright for bullet connectors?


Ahhh Lox you make me LOL.

what ESC is that?

im seriously gonna make a soldering video for you.

Get some helping hands brother…it’s will help you focus on soldering and not if the frigging wires and connectors move…and don’t use these while soldering and thing with current…:zap:

those are some pretty dope lookin helping hands there… I gotta get some of those… I just have the ordinary boring looking ones.

That hurt my feelings. How many years have you been soldering? I have got a lot better at xt60. Today was my first time on bullet connectors.

It’s torqueboards ESC. Now 20 characters.

you make me LOL in a good way… I actually have a mate whos soldering is worse than yours.

seriously, Im gonna make a video just for you.

Um… Thanks?


Dude the first time I soldered an esc…It was a molten mess…I’m surprised that the esc wasn’t cooked because it took me forever to do it…like a long time…the heat from the soldering iron was making me sweat lol

If we told you it was fine we’d be lying to you … Keeping it tidy is one less place for your board to break

@lowGuido can solder tits on shrimp … ( . ) ( . ) :fried_shrimp:

I was actually going to make a video where i get naked and gaffer tape the soldering iron to my foot and still do a better job. but I feel bad taking the piss out of you… you’re only young and you are doing a pretty good job for your first try. I don’t mean to be a Jerk. i will make a proper video for you tonight. give you some good tips so that by the time your my age you will be a solder boss and you can make fun of the young up-n-comers.


These are the steps I take: Tin wire Heat solder into bullet connector Put iron on side of connector Put wire in

I am on 400 degrees celsius. I might try and increase the temp a bit so the solder in the connector melts quicker. Is this a good idea?

Thanks lowguido. Just know that I am trying.