First Try | Dual Maytech 6374 190KV | SixShooters | FOCBOX | TB 12S4P | Surf-Rodz TKP w/ Ribba Mounts | Arbor Dropcruiser Deck


This will my first electric board build. Looking to build a commuter board that’s going to work well in the slightly hilly region of Victoria BC. I’m very new to all this and haven’t used a skateboard in years. My logic is to make something fast, dangerous and expensive to re-learn with because I have terrible logic. I’ve assembled pretty much all the parts and have started to put it all together. Learning tonnes from this forum; this place is a gem.

The List

  • Dual MayTech 6374 190kv sensored
  • Surfrodz TKP’s and Ripba mounts
  • Maytech 1712 remote
  • 12S4P Samsung 30Q pack
  • SixShooters running on 16/60 pulleys
  • Arbor Collective Dropcruiser 40" 9ply

Big thanks to @psychotiller for having a store and taking my money. Pretty much everything was from him and he made sure I had what I needed. The battery which is from @torqueboards.

I’ll update with some photos a bit later when it’s not just a pile of metal, wood and rubber.

A couple thoughts, I’m considering switching to a Landyachtz EVO in the future. My reasoning is my commute is about 10-12km of mostly straight country road. I like the idea of the stability the EVO would bring.

I’m also considering slicing up the 12S4P to replace the BMS with a better spec’d one. I was a bit over zealous hitting the buy button on the battery before I noticed the specs of the BMS. For now though I’ll live with it as it might be a non-issue; we shall see.



I would try out the battery as is…I was surprised how little difference it makes compared to my other higher specced batteries

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The evo is a very pretty board with the right enclosure on it!

(shameless plug)


Ya I definitely will try it as-is first. I’ll limit the current in the VESC so it doesn’t shut down and launch me; but ya, I’m not really expecting to ride this very aggressively.

That looks sick. Love it. Ordering on this afternoon. Did you make the enclosure? Follow up question, can I have your enclosure?

Oh hai BC neighbor, I’m from Vancouver :wave:

Dual 6374, that thing is gonna be torquey !

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I may want one of these for one of my builds @bigben :slight_smile:

Hope so! Kinda hilly round me out on the peninsula and I’m about 200lbs so…


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