Fish paper for purchase

Where to buy? Found the non adhesive stuff on amazon… does it go by another name? Preferably something from amazon bc shipping is so fast… or mcmastercarr! Bought some braided copper and it showed up next day

Might help to add your location. @moon has a ton of fish paper (but he’s in the EU) :slight_smile:

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Right on. Nyc

The site itself is a messy abortion. but they’re a good source for adhesive and plain fish paper.


I just bought some adhesive fishpaper from Ebay. Sheets of 20.

:joy: :joy:

Also search for barley paper.

I prefer the stuff that comes in rolls.

Any other names this goes by? I have a hard time imagining there’s not a really cheap alternative readily available on amazon.

barley paper from china, fish paper from 145tags…that’s about it.

let us know if you find another source, i sure could use it.