Fishie | unknown motor | dual vesc |6s1p lipo | arbor bamboo deck | #25 chain drive | shitty build

My first build!! spec: 2x 4.10 vesc 2x ecopower 6s1p 3300mah 2x 6mm bore 10t #25 sprocket(motor) 2x unknown 5065 bldc motor about 265kv 152link #25 chain 2x 3d printed #25 26t sprocket(pla)(wheel) 2x 3d printed case(pla) Arbor bamboo series deck size 38 Paris truck flysky gt2b(mad munkey) imax b6

brief conclusion: I don’t normally ride skateboard so being on this thing feels super fast and unsafe. I rode it for 15 minutes around the block and it is extremely fun. The 3d printed sprocket on wheel in pla is really not an idea solution, abs doesn’t quite work as they warp and I don’t have access to nylon printing. I made the the model by mixing two model on thingiverse(link below). Something to note is that chain drive is very noisy, it could probably be solved by getting a legit #25 sprocket. The 3d printed case works ok so far, luckily I am not that heavy and the deck flex only cracks the case a little bit(it was a bad print anyway). Mad munkey turns out alright, I couldn’t get it completely close up but it doesn’t bother me much. The benefit of going 6s is that it can be charged by Imax b6. All and all I say this is a ok build for my first build, but I put wayyyy to much money into it.

What I will improve on my next build: I still think I am sticking with chain drive, don’t know if I will do dual drive. Definitely a smaller deck as fishie feels like a spaceship when riding. 18650 batteries with 10s is probably a good idea. Some sort loop key system or a a amp switch.

Long story of things I struggle during this build: coming soon

snap shot of the sprocket I modeled/modified

link I used for the build: openscad model of #25 sprocket I basically put the #25 sprocket onto this model mad munkey esk8 calculator sprocket I bought

I also just moved down to santa cruz for school, if anyone can hook me up for an intern at inboard I would be very happy.


How are hill climbs and torque?

Today, a very sad thing happen. My 3d printed sprocket broke. It is probably due to miss misaligned sprocket or bad print quality.

Will do a hill climb test once I get this fix.


Can this chain driven electric skateboard also be used as a normal skateboard/longboard without taking the chain off? How does it perform against belt driven ones? Thanks

I mean any thing that have 4 wheels and a truck and a deck can be used as a normal skateboard, I don’t see why not. I personally don’t really agree on using belt in such a large tension application, and chain drive seem to be bit for reliable if you got it working. chain drive is very forgiving about chain tension but belt is not as much. Depends on what belt drive system you get you might have different result. no.25 parts is also quite easy and cheap to find

Yeah I know what you mean but is it possible(possible as it somewhat practical) to push and roll if the battery dies with a chain?

Here is my list for a chain drive electric skateboard:

Do you have any suggestions?

How did you change the symbol on the enclosure for the gt2b?

Why not? isn’t thats the beauty of DIY?

It’s super cool to see a chain drive build on here. Do you think it’s better?

free cad, fill up the original logo grooves, and subtract my logo from the controller

Had a belt drive before, not very comfortable with the amount of tension I am putting onto the motor shaft for it to not slip when braking. This problem could be solved by putting a wider belt/sprocket and a probably a new belt, but I wana give chain drive a shot. Chain drive is very noisy, hub drive if done correctly is the best. Can’t wait for your carvon v3 review/build.