Fishpaper EU / China

can anyone recommend a supplier of fishpaper in the EU or China?

eBay is my friend for all things fish paper

If you want it fast, If you want it slow, I just bought a bunch on aliexpress. Can gladly share once it arrives.

For China This This and This

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I have never seen any fishpaper in stock at NKON, just the gasket stickers. damn shame as it would be so easy to order with the cells

thanks for the links

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I heard banggood ones are good. Though out of stock when i checked

It’s in stock in the EU warehouse atm :slight_smile:

@OskarCastrone can you post a link pls. i checked this morning and couldn’t find any, just the stickers

Nope? It says out of stock for me. //“Insulation sheet”

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I got mine from an ebay seller called bon-estore. The seller doesn’t have a listing for these right now, but the listing was identical to this one, so maybe it’s the same product?

Quality was really great. Thick, waxy paper and strong adhesive.

It is the exact same pictures on Banggood:


nice! BG even have it in stock in the EU :slight_smile:

Thanks @OskarCastrone and @Sebike

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Yep back in stock