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Fitting the Enertion wheel pulleys with perfect balance

I’ve been trying to fit my wheel pulleys on my DR setup but It hasn’t been as simple as I had assumed. No matter how much fine tuning I do I cant get the pulley and the bracket on the other side sitting perfectly aligned. When I spin the wheel I can see that the pulley has about 1mm play which I am sure is going to affect the performance of my motors and effect the ride at higher speeds. What is the best technique to fit it perfectly?
@onloop, I have watched your tutorial video on how to fit them. It seemed over simplified, unless I’m doing something wrong which is stopping me form getting things aligned right.

Im using 90mm abec 11 flywheels.

If possible post some pictures illustrating the problem, when you say 1mm play I am not sure what that means?

Also note, when using the Abec11 Wheels, you can only use three of the 6 provided wheel pulley bolts.

i’ve fitted mine to 83’s and 97’s with no problem. I found trying to screw the bolt through the flywheel (or clone) so it is even/parallel with the “spoke” on the hub usually would get the bolt in straight. I would screw in all 3 bolts so they are just about to engage the thread on the pulley on the back. Alternating sides a few turns each like you do on your car to tighten it down your tire/rim evenly.

I did have one get a bit wonky and not spin correctly (had some play in the gear on wheel like you mention). I moved to the other side w/ bolts and started over in fresh plastic on the flywheel hub. I usually do the right side of each “spoke” with a bolt. So if it’s screwy, i’d try one on the left side of each like i suggested above. Keep them lined up and square as you screw the bolt through (it’s “threading” the plastic as it goes).


Actually with the new bolts you need to drill the core with 6mm drill bit. They are only half thread bolts, the previous bolt where all thread.

By ‘play’ I mean a slight bit of wobble in the pulley when I spin it fast, it would probably go un noticed when I ride but Im trying to make this board perfect. Getting the ring on the outside of the wheel seems harder to get centred that getting the pulley right. As soon as I start tightening bolts I mess up my alignment. And this is going to cause my wheels to be unbalanced. Also I’m using 3 bolts only. I’m interested to know if a tiny bit of wobble in the pulley affects performance or not. I am yet to ride a board like this so I’m just to going on theory and assumptions.
I’ll make a video to illustrate the problem later tonight.

You don’t want any wobble!

Do the bolts pass through the core? or are you threading them in through the core?

I will assume you are threading it through, the problem you are having occurs when the bolt cannot freely move inside the wheel core, this happens because it creates its own thread and if that thread is out of alignment with the thread inside the wheel pulley when it is seated flush onto the wheel it pushes the pulley out a fraction so that the thread is aligned.

If you drill the core with a 6mm bit it removes the material that is being used by the bolt to prevent it from moving freely.

The first bolt is the most important! the pulley must be seated flush, sometimes there is urethane “spill” coming onto the edge of the wheel core, make sure the core is flat and clean so that the wheel pulley can sit flush.

Install the first bolt and make sure the pulley is seated flush, then install the other two.

Which video did you watch? watch this one

I have been threading it through as I figured it would be a tighter fit to the spokes which would help lock the pulley in place. Using only 3 bolts and not doing them tight seems like very little support for the amount of force that the structure will endure. Thanks heaps for the tips, hopefully I can get it sorted tonight on the back of that info. I did watch that video although I’m going to revise it a bit more before my second attempt to get this right.

you do want the bolt to be housed snugly inside the spoke area, but it needs to be able to move freely otherwise the thread will never match…

if you really don’t want to drill, you can tap the bolt through with a hammer to break the thread pattern that it creates in the plastic of the wheel core as long as the bolt has the ability to thread into the wheel pulley without pushing it away your good.