Fixing an issue with Verreal F1

Hey all,

I need some help repairing a Verreal F1. A while back I fried everything except the motors and ordered a spare ESC plus remote from Verreal and a battery pack plus BMS from a third party but the board keeps shutting down as soon as I ask for power.

At first it happened when switching to second speed and now it shuts down in first speed when I want to use the full throttle. The board simply turns off and needs to be powered on while connected to the charger. No strange noises and no abnormal riding conditions.

I have limited knowledge in electronics so the following is my best transcription of the explanation from the guy who built the battery: he says he used 20 (2000 mAh) cells in a 36V configuration, does that mean he built a 10S2P battery pack? He says the problem is that the ESC shuts down because it’s not rated to work with the 10 Ah the battery delivers and need to built another pack using 1500 mAh cells. Do you guys know if that sounds right?

I appreciate any input you guys can provide. I can also provide pictures that do not void the warranty on the battery pack.