Fixing my cracked Ownboard deck - Need some advice

So I got an Ownboard W1S a few days ago, and because I’m new to esk8 I’ve been super cautious and careful. But yesterday I stepped on the board to take it out for my third ride ever and out of nowhere the deck cracked at the handle. I’m not a heavy guy (70kg) and I haven’t been bouncing on the deck or anything, so I’ve contacted Ownboard and asked for a replacement deck.


In the meantime though (because that will take a good 2-3 weeks to ship to Straya and I’m itching to ride more) I wanted to fix the current deck enough so that it’s rideable. I took some glue and a clamp to it last night and that’s cured it nicely back in place. However i can still feel it’s not as strong as it was originally.


My plan is to get some 1mm sheet stainless steel, cut out a piece that will reinforce the handle part and attach that to the deck.

Finally, here comes my question: What’s the best way to attach this to the deck? I’m thinking wood screws with washers on the steel plate side + plenty of epoxy in between, but I don’t know if wood screws will only serve to weaken the deck more. Anyone got any tips or better ideas for reinforcing the handle?

Here’s a quick mockup of my idea:


Cheers in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

What part of Straya are you in?

I’m in Melbourne.

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Instead of just being functional to keep the deck together, maybe you want to also add some padding for when you’re carrying it? I can’t imagine that’s comfortable to hold

Just a thought 🤷 no sense in going overboard if you’re getting a new one anyways

might see you round… :laughing: