Fixing my Evolve Bamboos

Hi all, Hope you are having a good Xmas.

I have 2 Evolve Bamboo boards, both about 1.5 years old (so probably out of warranty) for me and the misses. One of the boards started cutting out randomly (losing power like when you have a flat battery) and the other one cuts out immediately when you get on it and there is a load on the motor.

Since there was no distributor in my country when it happened and shipping the boards back to AUS is $$$, I ordered the parts which I thought was broken. First, I replaced the BMS on both…problem still here… then I replaced the motor controllers as it appears like a small part on the circuit boards were fried… and the same problem is still there.

When I measured the Voltage of the batteries some of the Cells has dropped to 3.2V. I am thinking that I need to get a balance charger and charge the batteries with that to sort the problem. I think somehow that that is the problem and that it could be due to only using a fast charger.

Can someone please tell me if I am on the right track and if so what charger I need to buy? Or could I just use the regular charger to fix it. I am really broke now, though, ha-ha.


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a year and a half of use with only the fast charger, low voltage cells. sounds like the battery is done.

Darn I hope not. Did not even know there was different speed chargers. :disappointed:

you need to test the cells and i bet under load they are just dying, or have a few bad cells to add to it.

Show us some pics of the batteries and maybe we can help. but most likely the entire battery is dead.

Where are you located - perhaps one of us is close by and can help?

Best of luck!

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Time to upgrade to Li-ion. Check out whitepony and his rebuild on endless.

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