Fixing Sensor Wire

I totally messed up my motor sensor wires and I want to fix that. Does the sensor cable I’m going to switch to have to be JST-ZH model? The only one I can put my hands on at the moment is a JST-SH.


I wonder if it will still work with SH? Or does it have to be JST-ZH?

This is for a Matyech 6355 sensored motor which has 6 pins connector.

Do you mean the sensor wire from the motor itself or the extension wire to (V)ESC (6pin)?

The Maytech motors usually have JST-ZH with 1.5mm pitch, the Vessc JST-PH with 2mm pitch. (JST-SH is 1mm pitch). Are you from EU? I would have some spares.

The wires from the motor are wracked. The extension wire is all good.

I’m based in Israel. If shipping won’t be too high I would love that. :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

Alright, you could just use the JST-PH wire without extension, how long it should be? I can send you both (JST-ZH and PH 20cm each) as letter by mail for 2€ :grin:

Can someone please confirm if Maytech motor sensor cable (the one that goes out from the motor) is JST ZH 6-Pin 1.5mm?

Yes it is :grinning:

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Thanks man!

Do you still have these cables??

Will these be fine?


Would fit but only 100mm length.

But why you want to fiddle around with this tiny connectors and extensions? If you use vesc I would solder a JST-PH (2mm pitch) cable to the hall sensor wires of the motor without extension.

Do you know where I can buy or how to fix the extension wires that goes in the VESC ? I burned the wires that goes into the vesc and need to get new connectors to these wires ? Any ideas ?