Fixing stuff to the deck

Hey guys,

I already found a couple of posts regarding the same topic but none seemed to really spark the „thats it“ moment.

So. What is the most recommended way to fix my battery, bms, vesc etc to the deck, so that I can just seal it with my enclosure and done? I‘d like for it to be somewhat removable as well in case i need to go back and fix something.

I already got some nice foamy stuff to wrap between electronics and enclosure and I also own a hot glue gun.

What do you suggest?

Cheers guys

I was thinking I secure everything inside the enclosure. Velcro for the battery, screws for the vescs and such. Then bolt the whole thing to the deck with screws. I figured it would make working on it easier if I can simply remove the enclosure with all the components.


You could use something like this Just bolt it to the underside of the deck and put your electronics on it. You can easily open it to get to your electronics when you need to, and it has the added benefit of making your board 90% waterproof.

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Thats actually how I imagined building a board until I realized thats not how others are doing it. And if i lay my 10s2p all flat then my enclosure isn’t quite wide enough at the narrowest point, so I’d have more space if i mounted it straight to the deck

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I had a tupperware enclosure on my first board and i just dont want it anymore because of the looks :slight_smile: I already got myself a new enclosure from @fottaz but not too sure how to mount the stuff to the deck

i use this, it’s adhesive backed velcro straps.

one adhesive side gets stuck to the deck, the other to your component (battery, controllers, etc).

then in the space between your components and enclosure, use foam to fill the space and give your component some compression onto the deck.

this velcro strap adhesive is super strong and does not come loose even with heavy vibrations, so i’ve experienced.

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I know some people go the Velcro route, problem is my deck has a pretty serious concave on it. Add in a wide flat 10s5p battery and mounting directly becomes difficult. So I guess it’s screws for me, along with a modified enclosure:


Thats how I envisioned doing this all along, I just wasn’t sure if it’d hold well enough, but backed up by the foam it seems legit. Think this is what I will end up doing.

Thats fair enough. Fortunately for me, My deck is very straight and its only a 10s2p, so I think velcro will do. I am trying to make as little holes in the deck as possible. But i also noticed that when removing the velcro it often rips off the color from the deck :frowning: maybe heating it up with a heat gun first would help … ?

I wire ties my batteries to a container and then drilled 4 small screws in all 4 corners of the lid to the board so when I want to charge batteries I can just take off the actual container part with the batteries in it. Container itself doesn’t look so great but works really well. I used silicone caulking on each of the wire tie holes on the container to waterproof it.

bolts through are the best for holding enclosures etc. in place, but i have been thinking of evolving it a little.

I first used normal screws to attach all, but i found out soon that it is very shitty method because while maintaining, you have top take the screws off, and several times when doing that, the holes begin to wear too much, and it ends up with lots of new holes.

Now i have bolts attached permanently, and all i need is nut-key for removing and installing things.

The next method i’m going to use is still through bolts, but only for Z-brackets, so i can attach any type of enclosure in it. And all enclosures water tight, so no need for insulation between board and enclosure. Something like this:

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oh kind of like the koolwheel. like you can swap batteries easily.?

Not like that. Simple brackets for battery and controller. I was thinking that i could swap any part from board to another easily.

I think the best route is fixing all the components into the enclosure and then mounting that to the deck. Reason being is that if you have a power switch, charging port, and battery display mounted into the enclosure, and your battery and ESC on the deck, removing the enclosure will be a major hassle cause it’s connected to the electronics through the wiring for he switch, charging port, etc. it’s much easier to mount it all in the enclosure and remove that.

I hot glued all the small stuff (receiver, led drivers, etc) into the enclosure. The vescs are just sitting there with some foam because they’re a really tight fit. The battery is sandwiched between the enclosure and the deck with some foam, it’s also a pretty tight fit. Velcro, foam, double sided tape and hot glue are all good for fastening stuff.

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i’m just repeating @psychotiller’s mantra here but your enclosure and its mounting points are much, much weaker compared to a skateboard deck.

smaller components, ie esc + bms + meters, etc, are fine to be sitting in the enclosure. a heavier component, like the battery, sitting inside the enclosure then held on by enclosure mounting points will ultimately fail. that is unless your enclosure is made of metal or CF.


use a plug in your wiring from you charge port and display and switch and all you have to do is unplug them (which I almost never have to do)

I made mine all modular, battery is velcrod to deck, it’s the only thing in the enclosure itself, vescs are external,4 bolts holding whole enclosure

True enough. I have about 25 m4 screws with washers though, and Kydex isn’t brittle. If I manage to apply enough force to break the enclosure, I’m doing something wrong.


yeah i put the shit in the box then bolt the box up. If your box isn’t tough enough to hold shit onto your board while your beating it on the street then you need another box. if the bolt flange/corners break its not from weight its from deck flex. Meaning its YOUR weight that’s breaking the shit, not the shits weight in the box.

if the deck has any flex at all, split the box or keep it to one end and keep it small. IF you want a huge monolithic enclosure like i use, eliminate the flex and use something seriously tough, like fiberglass (what i use) or carbon fiber or heavy ABS or Kydex.

The trick is to keep shit from moving. load up your box then fill in the gaps with corning 737 silicone anywhere things might move or come loose and start rubbing.