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Flash! Great news for all you Carvon users

I just discovered that the FunBox truck hangers that come stock with Carvon Hub motors are compatible with
Caliber II base plates. That is, they fit perfectly with no modification at all.
So you can mount them on 44deg Caliber II base plates and get really stable at high speeds.
I am totally stoked about this! Time to find out how fast these motors can really go!


@Namasaki Pictures? :slight_smile:

I will upload a pic when I get my motors remounted.

@Namasaki did you remount your trucks ?

I did and they did fit after dressing the pivot pin a little. There’s variation from one cast hanger to another. Unfortunately I forgot to take s pic with it on the caliber base and I’ve since sold them. Sorry, here’s a pic of them on original base plates.