Flash Sale: Carvon V4 XL limited sets (COMPLETED)


If you bought V4 SD and want the XL


This is a longer version of the original SpeedDrive. These motors have more torque and can be used with 107mm ABEC 11 SuperFly wheels. Does not come with front truck or wheels. Ships Jan 2018.

Features and Tech Specs:

Dual 85kv sensored motors, 2750W each Custom-made precision CNC hanger and motor mounts Motor mounts are screwed on for absolute no stator movement Stepped-down axle (from 12mm to 10mm) is removable and replaceable Motors can be easily removed and inside bearings replaced Low-carbon flux steel tubes for more power and protection Axle end-to-end is 12 inches (305mm)

Recommended Use:

Optimal rider weight is 225 lbs (102 kg) or less for 2WD builds, 295 lbs (134kg) or less for 4WD builds. Can be used with 107mm ABEC 11 SuperFly or 107mm Evolve wheels. Use 97mm wheels for street riding, 90mm (minimum size) for track or smooth and clean roads. Smaller wheels are better for hill climbing. MBS All-Terrain 100mm longboard wheels can be used, but do not ride off-road or on grass. Best used with a drop-down deck and with an enclosure to make sure the motors are shielded from most road hazards. Use a 12s (preferred Samsung 30Q) battery pack with minimum 3p for 2WD, and minimum of 5p for 4WD. Use only Vedder’s ESCs. Sensored BLDC mode has higher top speed, sensored FOC mode is near-silent. Do not misuse, abuse, overuse or neglect. Do not do tricks. Do not ride on rain or soaked streets. Rider must be at least 16 years old and responsible. Always wear a helmet and safety gears. Obey traffic, local and community rules. Be respectful to pedestrians.

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too bad im broke af XD

thanks for all you do for the community by organizing this stuff :slight_smile:

Done; it appears PayPal is not accepted

Do you have the specs on these; axle length especially and truck width?

@anon64938381 just keep on the alert … shit comes fast and quick… I only know about them minutes before I post it up

@b264 up grades to XL sb done via website

Upgraded :slight_smile: I thought the SD were 107mm compat too…

@Michaelinvegas upgrade is for groupbuy too yeah?

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Yes sir that is correct

Think axle length is 12 inches which comes out to about 240mm truck width equivalent I assume. Don’t like wide trucks personally or else I’d seriously consider these

What’s a inch between friends? Common Tito! I know you looking at them cooked :face_with_monocle:

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If I can upgrade, I would so also :wink:

The site the site quick! Lol

Ugh I can’t decide whether to upgrade or not…will the XL be able to use pneumatics

Then go XL @ATLesk8

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can you plead my case to jerry? tell him a tortured little boy and all I want is some carvons :tired_face:

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If you want to use pneumatics XL is far better than SD

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Alright I pulled the trigger. Hoepfully this won’t all be too confusing with the group buy sorting this all out

Just out of curiosity…what type of larger hub/wheel would be required to be used with the XL?

Haha they’re like 2 inches wider than my current trucks and I’d need 4wd to beat the performance of my belted board. Maybe when @BigBoyToys gets his 4wd XL board up and running I’ll change my mind lol

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The XL’s are much lower KV, 2wd performance on XL’s migjt better than youd expect. I cant wait to find out too!


The 85kv will be to your liking at 12s and with the speed to boot…obviously not as fast as the V4 xl but will definitely get you the torque that you may be missing. I’d equate the torque at 10s on the V4 SD XL the similar to a V4 SD at 12s