Flash sale E-board single drive stealth monster 500

12s, single 6374 190kv motor, AXLE vesc, diy mount, caliber 50’s, 83mm flywheel clones, xt 90 loop key, custom deck/enclosure, 6amp charger.

This thing is sweet it’s wicked fast and awesome to cruise.

Make me an offer just trying to raise a few last minute funds.


part it out and maybe vesc,deck, and motor

Yeah would consider offers

Where do you live and what batteries are those?

I live in Santa barbara CA and will also be in orange county within 24hrs. The batteries are zippy 4s 3ah wired for 12s. Not tested distance yet but last night did 6 miles came back with 3.7 per cell still

If you wind up parting it out and willpark16 takes that stuff, I’d be interested in the pulley kit.

Where’s the pulley kit from, and what are the measurements?

Still for sale as whole?