Flat configuration 6s LiPo batteries?

Hi guys. I’m trying to replace the battery in a Leif board with a LiPo battery but almost every S6 battery over 3300mAh is too tall (max height is 40mm). I have a couple of questions

  1. Does anyone know if there’s a flat configuration 6s LiPo out there somewhere that’s got high capacity but also short?

  2. Is it possible to use an XT-60 splitter to power 2 motors off 1 battery if I can find a battery in the right form factor but can only fit one of them in the battery bay? It seems like this shouldn’t be an issue right? the max power draw on LiPos is easily 3-5x higher than on Li-ion, so technically shouldn’t it be able to handle the draw from 2 motors?

Lipos come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually comprised of multiple individual flat cells. If you are only looking at 6S packs, they will all be 6 cells thick, so one dimension is pretty set, however they may be thinner or thicker in an alternate dimension. You can run three 2S packs, or two 3S packs in series to get the same power, but they will obviously be thinner because they have less cells per pack. Your world opens up further if you’re willing to break them down to individual cells and stack them as necessary, all you really need is some combination of 6 cells.

I’m unfamiliar with the LEIF board, but you’re right that lipos tend to have more power draw available than 18650s, so you’ll probably be good, but always get the highest C rating you can afford.

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The only flat option really would be to by a pack, pull it apart and put it back together in the shape you want. Have been done and posted here a couple of years back.

Can you post a picture of the enclosure?