Flat Ground Cable wanted .... (EU)

could anyone please help me find some Flat ground Cable within EU… I am trying to have a clean build but running cables from motors to esc is a big hassle. I have seen the teardown of the Boosted Board and i have seen those flat cables that run on the board under the grip tape ( great insulator ) and i have to admit it is an awesome idea. the only one that i have found up to this moment: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/alpha-wire/1231-SV005/A1231SV-100-ND/424115

but it is sold in a 30m reel and costs way to much. I need a max on 1.5m for my build… Any help would be highly appreciated…

I would recommend just buying from china / aliexpress… if you are not that far in your build and can wait… then no problems…

search tinned braid wire


I used it to make parallel connections for the battery.

Otherwise… search google, I found quite many results, though a lot of these were from usa… perhaps there are some in Eu…

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thanks mate. Sadly i am yet to find anything within the EU, but as you have mentioned i have found the US based shops or the China based ones. Since it is winter in EU i will happily wait for the cable to arrive. until then i will also have to build my battery. i consider this thread closed…

This may be too narrow, but I was thinking of using this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361551132019

thanks for the link. sadly there is no info on that cable…i need to know some amperage limit. Using sk3 6354 motor so i need the cable to withstand at least 20A

Try flex braid from storm power components if you cant find anything… Theyre based in the US though. They have 12ga equivalent flat braid. I think it was .375"x.03"

thanks for the info. I have found enough us based shops…for which i pay more for the shipment as for the goods, That is why i am looking for one EU based shop…sadly none up to this moment. I have made a purchase from a China based shop of Ebay. Fingers crossed.

Yeah there’s not much about is there?

These two other ones I had in my watch list: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-3Ft-1Mx11mm-Copper-Braided-Shielded-Circle-Flat-Cover-Flexible-Sleeve-Tool-/131971041441?hash=item1eba1648a1:g:3RYAAOSw4shYAc3i


You could always send them a message to find out what the AMP rating is.

I’ve looked up on a chart and 4mm x 1mm should be around 50amps.

I bought some surplus stateside. 10 euros and shipping and I can send you a strip how much u need? I’m in Spain.

need about 1.5 m of 1/4" or about 6mm wide. 1 mm thickness should be the best. As i have seen this kind of flat cable has about 32A resistance when made with AWG36

Thanks mate. Sadly both of the cables are way to wide for my needs. I would have no space on my board to put 3 strips close to each other on one side of truck hangar. Max needed is about 6 mm wide 1 mm thick…

I use thin PCB material cut to the width I want. I actually run one big ground and several thin ones for the balance leads.

have you checked here? http://www.tme.eu/en/

nope they do not have any flat ground cable and their site works like a snail…dunno why

This maybe?

My Dear Sir, you are the winner… bought 2 m. thank you very much. :smiley: i now have bought 4mm wide and 6mm wide from different vendors. :smiley:

case closed…

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Cool man let us know how it goes, planning to do something similar!

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will post some pictures for everyone to see how it goes…basically if you look at a teardown of the Boosted you will see exactly what i plan to do

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To everybody who has helped with an idea or a link. This is the Result i was looking for. It is not finished but i presume that you will get the general idea. Some electrical tape will be used under the flat cable to be sure nothing will happen and also some epoxy will be used for the bullet connectors. :slight_smile: any piece of advice, feedback or questions are welcomed :slight_smile:

thanks once again for the links.

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why put the connectors next to each other horizontally when you could have put them vertically? Also use some shrink tubing around the connectors!

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