Flat longboard deck

Hi, does anybody know of a good longboard deck that is flat or close to flat on the underside?

Ive got a 2017 Skate and Explore Landyachtz Evo I am trying to sell. Its got a slight curve on the bottom, but it can be easily fixed by adding a gasket to your enclosure (which should be done anyways :slight_smile: )

Heres a link to the same board I’m talking about


I use/like it

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if its flat underneath its flat on the top, too. :blush:

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a DIY plywood one ? ^^ (jk … or not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but easy to do, with outter shape and length of your needs. Plus you could shape the top with 3d insert under grip)

here it got a string cause it’s 59" long

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