FLATLINEcustoms | Agent Orange | 40" Arbor Axis | Single SK3 6374 Motor | 12s Lipo (4 x 3s 5000mah) | VESC

New to these whole electric skateboards, I kept seeing Boosted boards and then my friend bought one. Searched the internet and found Endless Sphere and eSk8. Wow, the information and awesome builds. Lurked and read, lurked and read some more. Found all the info need to start my build. Special thanks to @SteveS for sharing his VESC settings for the same motor, saved hours of tuning. So here is my build with all that I wanted and enough power for my hills around me in Georiga.

Arbor Axis Deck Caliber II Trucks Bones Ceramics Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheels TorqueBoards V3 Mount w/ 16t/36t SK3 6374 192kv VESC 12s Lipo (4 x 3s 5000mah) Bicycle Headlight & LEDs For Night Riding

Still working on placement of all the components before an enclosure can be made. I charge the lipos with 4 individual chargers for now so I would like the enclosure to be easily removed. I liked the magnet idea that @barajabali did, and possible hinged enclosure that I saw.

Let me know what you guys think.


I got some new modular enclosures. I’m working on. :smile:

I was thinking of a simple way which we can mount our components yet still remove the enclosure easily.

  • Universal electronics enclosure - Single ESC, Dual ESC, Receiver, Y connectors, etc…Only 12S ESC’s due to 1" in height.
  • Battery enclosures for 2x3s, 2x6s, EPOWER 6s2p, EPOWER 10s3p, EPOWER 12S3P. EPower packs are for my 18650 packs but you can most definitely fit 4x3s packs or what not in them. The EPOWER Packs and Electronics enclosure are only 1" in height.

They are all similar to this one above. I’ll post a better photo in the near future. You can see that you can easily use a #6 or M4 bolt. Push the enclosure a few mm’s over to the bigger hole and pop it up. It will be a bit shorter. I’ll be removing the flange on the front right side to allow for less of a wheelbase.

What would be nice is a weather proofing strip around the flange area but that tends to be fairly annoying due to the bolt holes in the way.

I like the 3D printed parts… How’s the back foot stop? Does it help? I enjoy riding with a front foot stop. Especially, going downhill I can just ride carelessly lol.

I have the same board too and it’s pretty nice… Does flex a bit but nice none the less. Although, I noticed the grip tape is wearing off. I’ll probably put some clear griptape I have just on the foot area.


@torqueboards That is a good designed way of taking those enclosures off. Loosen it up slide it back remove, slide them back on and tighten them up again.

Thanks, I love designing things. Honestly I haven’t touched it yet… I ride forward on mine more than back there. Maybe me being 5’8" means I won’t reach back there. Knowing its there though if my foot ever gets back there it should be nice. :smile:

It also has my switch for turning on my LEDs and has My XT90 anti-spark loop key in it.

I am 160lbs and its definitely a flexy board. Although I don’t mind the flex rolling over some of the huge speed humps in the park area at speed. After putting in some different venom bushings though, 36mph is a little more comfortable. I am slowly noticing that grip tape wearing. :frowning: I guess I will be patching mine soon enough.


Neat idea! Looks like you might be able to move your motor mount higher too. Mine are pretty high and doesn’t bite.

Thanks, its easier that finding the plug on the bottom for the Xt90. I am getting motor mount impressions in the board with it the motor there. I tightened it a little then leaned on the board to let it move where it needed, then tightened it down all the way. Maybe I can move it up some, I will check again tonight. How close is your mount to the deck?

Yeah, probably check… I wasn’t getting any bite… The motor is about 1" from the deck.

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What are those yellow plastic stuff on the deck? Homemade light mount? COOL!!!

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This build looks so amazing! whould you consider making those 3d files available, so that others (me) could enjoy your awesome design?

Those orange 3d printed pieces on top have my digital voltage display in the front and switch for LEDs with my anti-spark loop key in the top rear. While the bottom orange 3d pieces are 1/2 risers with bumpers. The front bumper has a bicycle light mount and the rear bumper has a red LED.


Thank you @krudte. I will definitely be sharing my prints as soon as they are finallized. I have an account on thingiverse that I will upload them to.


@torqueboards I am about 1 1/4" from the mount to the deck.


I’ve got Orangatang Kegels on my board too and I’m wondering how to mount a pulley to them. Would you mind linking me the website and where you got them from? Is it a 9mm width pulley too?

Kind regards,

@Chewy the mount for the Kegels is from . It is @torqueboards site.

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How about some orange grip for this rig?

That could be cool, MIght be too orange then! LOL

@Ulfberht I didn’t even know that existed. In my world there can never be too much orange.

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Any update to potentially putting these on Thingiverse. Also do you happen to have a photo of the underside? Would love to see how you routed the wires for the plug/displays. Awesome build btw. Want to base mine off it.

Thanks @emancarrillo, its been a learning experience for sure. I am close to getting them up on thingiverse. Right now the underside it is a mess from trying to figure out what wires I needed. I can get a picture for your tonight.

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Forgot your picture yesterday @emancarrillo. Like I said it is a mess, trying to sort out the electronics I wanted on it. Now if I can find some time to move stuff around and make some covers. :slight_smile:


@Krudte @emancarrillo plain bumper, rear LED bumper and front bicycle headlight bumper is up

Plain Bumper: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1519554

LED Bumper: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1519598

Headlight Bumper: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1519922


Nice looking build!

I am running the 4x3 lipo packs on one of my builds and use clevis pins to quickly secure/remove the enclosure. Here is the build link: Carbon Python | Hi5ber Python | Caliber II’s | Single 6374 | Hi-Output VESC | 12S Lipo

It might give you some ideas when designing yours.

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