FLATLINEcustoms | Winged Bomber | 36.5” Jet Mod Rocker | Motor TBD | Battery TBD | VESC

Ever since I saw @whitepony’s Landyachtz TopSpeed 36.5" over on Endless I wanted a board that shape and something shorter than my current 40" Arbor. Of course the TopSpeed is sold out everywhere. I Searched all of muirskate when I came across this deck.

My finger automatically put it in the cart and clicked buy… I don’t know what happened. Showed up at my house quickly, unwrapped it as fast as possible and stood on this thing. WOW! 10" wide with wings feels amazing to my feet. Hopped on my go to, Amazon.com and started clicking away. Two days later…

I love Amazon Prime! Since this is my second build started before my first is 100% complete, I am not sure how fast this build will go. Still deciding on motor or motors. Will be going with @torqueboards mount and 12s battery setup. This is how the deck sits now, a carvy hill bomber.


That looks dope! Digging the whole overall look. Gotta agree that 10" wide feels great on the feet. Much better than my old 9" wide longboard.

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The only update at the moment is, both my mounts finished to hang it next to Agent Orange.


Another beautiful VESC from @chaka, always A+ craftsmanship.

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Trying out @torqueboards new V4 mount. Some 63mm motor to come…

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Did you figure out what the shrink tubing is for?

Make sure the small screws are loose before you tighten the big bolt. I stripped my big bolt and cracked an allen wrench because I couldn’t get the mount around the trucks tight enough.

the heat shrink is to give the clamp grip on the hangar

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I didn’t… I guess it is to have pieces to shim the clamp like @willpark16 said.

Good point on the bolts. Guess that holds the clamp from clamping. Did you add washers to the small screws?

I did not add washers because my wheel pulley is really close to the mount. I had to re-3D print the wheel pulley to make a hollow inside for just the screw heads (I’m using the 15mm wheel pulley).

Kegel wheels on caliber trucks?

I had to order a 15mm wide, 280mm belt. If I added washers, the heads of the screws would hit the nuts inside the pulley. I did loc-tite blue all the screws.


Where did you get those flat screws?

Hey man! I know you dig orange stuff!! I saw these and thought that you might like them. 97mm, 78a Not a bad price either… http://www.ebay.com/itm/351718431233

Nice! Thanks for the link. I have never rolled on some wheels that big.

41 days later…

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Wow! Looks nice, but that took forever…

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I love my 192kv on my other 12s board, but the wait… FOOOOOREVAAAR!

Do you know why it took so long? I shipped west warehouse from HK and my 190Kv took 8 days

6374 192kv’s were on backorder. One took 41 days, when I got the notification that it was shipping I saw it was in stock. Ordered another and both came in 4 days.

Ah, makes sense. Good luck with the build! (bookmarked)

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