Flexible 12s4p battery

i just made a pack like this for my deck… so far so good… before i start making packs to sell tho i want to get a spot set up for battery making. probably after this semester (so after the holidays) i’ll be making and advertising

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Hell yeah dude

i didnt use a pcb tho… i like how neat they keep everything… but always scared the tabs will lift off the board

Solder the tabs to the pcb instead?

i just welded my P connections and pre-tinned the gaps between the cells and soldered braided copper for the S connections, has plenty of flex and doesnt really get warm, like at all

@moon here’s a pic of it when i was using cardboard until my fishpaper showed up.

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Ok. I am using the malectrics spot welder at the moment and have done most of the p groups.

But I can’t get consistent welds, I am guessing it’s the tips. What ever it is, it’s really really annoying

im using el cheapo china one and its pretty consistent, didnt have to adjust after i dialed in my settings

Ok. I just recharged the battery and upped the pulse time by quite a bit and then sanded tips and now its fine

@sk8l8r what pulse times did you use and what nickel?