Flexy Decks, Stability, and Muscle Soreness

Slightly off top but related to decks. I don’t know if there’s any science to support this but the flex of my E-GO seemed to cause me a lot of back pain because of the rough terrain in my area. My Jet Maple deck not so much. Does flex actually transfer shock and vibrations from rough roads to your spine? I would have imagined it would be the opposite

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I would’ve assumed flex would’ve acted as a shock absorber? That’s strange I couldn’t tell you

My guess is that a flexy board feels less stable causing you to use muscle groups more than you would on a stiff deck. Solid ground vs squishy ground. Which requires less effort to stand on?

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@psychotiller sounds about right to me. doing my DIY build has actually made me more in tune with what is appropriate for my body type/weight. a one size fits all solution never usually works out for me.

@JT_Clemente i’d also recommend some 1/4" rubber shock pads to place under the trucks, i find them really helpful for shock absorption

Oh man on my vanguard my back legs hurts like a B I have to take brakes every 25 minutes.

God I regret getting a flexible deck on so many levels

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I don’t like flexy decks for this same reason; there is added effort to manage the flex. It can feel great in some settings, but for longer rides, and especially on rough terrains, I really disliked it.

When the deck flexes downward, there is no dampening when it rebounds, so all the force transfers to the rider.

A stiff deck and pneumatic wheels have been perfect for me. I can ride any road or sidewalk that’s been mutilated by the winter weather.

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just chiming in to rep the stiff deck team. On weekends I usually ride 16 - 22ish miles on a rock hard Arbor board and never have any back problems until I’m several hours into riding, and it’s not really pain just the muscles getting tired from doing mini squats for 4 hours lol This is a push board though, so I’d imagine it’d be even better with a motor.

Super stiff carbon fiber decks can be as bad or worse. I found that the Yuneec deck (and flexier ones such as the Bhangra and Vangaurd) were highly comfortable. The solid CF deck I ride now (7 layers of CF, no core material) causes me back pain.

im supercomfy on my vanguard flex2, carving on flexy decks is more engaging because youll pump your body weight into the board for extra returns in your next turn. loads more fun, but also little bit more exhausting.

just going straight is much better damping on a flexy board, but of course it depends on your stance. the further away from your trucks, the better. thats why i highly recommend vanguard flex 1 & 2 instead of the popular flex 3 which is a lot shorter!

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