Flier VESC, 6364,5055, 5065 F/S

Hey guys! I’m doing a bulk order for myself. I’d like to see if anyone here would like to save a couple bucks on some motors or perhaps some Vesc’s. I ship approximately 6 days after payment. It takes them about 4 days to arrive to me. Prices are with shipping included, personally I have used all these parts before and they are up to my standards. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to chime in.

Payments are done through PayPal.

Prices: $78 Vesc $50 5065 270kv (no keyway) $55 6364 230kv (no keyway)
Similar to May Tech in color

Let me know for questions! I need to know before 8pm PST

Oh! you are in u.s :disappointed:

Not home atm. But I’m going to have to investigate shipping but id say it would be $15 more. That including declaration of value via customs.

Ok interesting if it works is for 2 5065. Keep me posted please!