Fliess 3 - "Einmal DirectDrive - Immer DirectDrive!"

@agent dont froget to account the gearing in that relation! he has a much higher Ratio!

@TarzanHBK can you provide some example which board he has ripped ?


Many, he´s a racer :wink: I think he even challenged @BigBoyToys with his monster 4wd. More examples about which boards you smoked from guys here @MoeStooge?

RIP BigBro, his 4 x 80100 trampa 4wd had huge torque & power, but didn’t have the chassis (deck) or trucks that MoeBro has.

Amps * Volts = Watts & then you need the chassis-drive train-traction to deliver the power :checkered_flag: it’s no accident MoeBro has developed his NKP 3-link trucks, a tubular cromo chassis and is rolling on rubber not thane :sunglasses:


Brother, Top speed at SPD1, led the field at SPD2 and crushed em in Colorado again a few weeks ago. A successful 54mph run on a dirt surface. 3.2miles uphill averaging 32mph and then again back down. I don’t see anyone with 12s in my Zip code yet. I’m open to competition if anyone wants to give it a run.:checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


Abend :slightly_smiling_face: This topic is going out of control :smile: Let me post at least something, which is related.

Small update after 500km, which I did in 2018 on my stainless steel motors. Yeah, not much, I expected to have already >1000km, but good weather is coming only now.

THIS IS AMAZING!!! Now I can only confirm my previous assumptions: DD + good motors’ protection + adequate wheels = best riding experience ever! And believe me guys, my motors have seen everything and they have eaten thousands of rocks and potholes. Actually, I started to like when motors roll over something and make metallic dull noise :crazy_face:


I like youe beaten motor cans… looks rough :slight_smile:


Lol those are gnarly!

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Mad max direct drive


woah!!! Those motor cans… Thats just after 500kms you say?

Have u hit “static” objects - ones where u feel that motor rolls over the object lifting the wheel in the air?

Or mostly just rocks and curbs over which u just scratch it when going over…

U probably have good feedback on how different rougher roads feel :smiley:

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Wow, you are one abusive handler! Those cans look thoroughly punished. Pretty awesome work there. Amazing that they can withstand such a beating. :muscle: Looks like an Electric Steamroller in that last shot, aka “The Flattener”. :rofl:

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@agent, I would say different - it’s just “breaking-in” :wink: Hopefully I can enjoy them next 10k without major repairs (not counting bearings of course).

@Okami, usually happens when you ride along the “waves” on shitty asphalt. Not the best feeling on a high speed, because stainless steel is not that sticky as urethane haha Or if you mean something like hitting a static rock on speed, then it feels pretty much the same as hitting it with a wheel, but a bit harder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah, let it be Fliess’s second name :smile:

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Hey dudes and duderin :smile:

Very happy to finally get my hands totally free for fun riding! Will post more photos later how it actually works :nerd_face: For now just a short video as a proof of concept :wink:


how are you controlling it with slide gloves on?

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Sick little rocks demolition derby! :metal:



5th tour in Irak, just there.


Mad max direct drives ftw


@faithfulpuppy, any good ideas? :wink: