Fliess | 65kmh+

Let me introduce Fliess (Fließ auf Deutsch).
It can do what it was made for - riding fast, hard and long.

Below is a short story in pictures of creating Fliess1 and then evolution to Fliess2. The order is more or less chronological, so the actual result is at the very bottom. Fliess3 doesn’t necessarily have 3 motors.

got a really good motor with crappy bearings though

trying to fit different size aluminium enclosures and still believing that it was a brilliant idea to do so :confused:

41x accus and each perfectly 3.53V

at the end very decent remote/receiver with minimum failures (of course, only after making sure that soldering is ok and antenna is properly placed)

flex bamboo deck makes it more difficult to come up with a good enclosure, but it’s worth it

I compare everything with my Evolve, since with it I learned how things should and, even more important, should not be

another batch of things came meanwhile from HobbyKing

go for Turnigy silicone wires if you want a good ones

I did even believe that suspended aluminium enclosure makes sense and ordered custom springs

of course, I wanted to try both - chained and belted

minor but still important things

finally VESC from Enertion arrived. I didn’t even have to finish soldering. The PCB itself survived then numerous DRV/MOSFET re-solderings and still is in a good shape

1st ride without motor. Only accus to see how aluminium enclose works on flex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s bent after few jumps, but generally was better than expected

only ~300km of relatively easy ride :unamused: Parts have been replaced for free by Evolve, but the lesson is learnt - I need a self-made beast

quickly made a spare part on the same evening to still be able to commute at work on the next morning

the most dangerous cutting I ever had :fearful: Only by luck, the cut part ended up in a wall, 10cm from the window

looked very reliable, but as learnt later with its significant drawbacks

first version of welding station

I was always unhappy about too many wires even on a single setup

motor was finally spinning!

and 43kmh seemed so much! :grinning:

I rode it in days and nights!

I was sure I would never switch to belts

some other stuff comes meanwhile

even useless wattmeter haha

now I can ride together with my wife and learn a left side

sure I needed to check if windings are accurate and be ready to replace bearings

not that easy to do without proper tools, but I was happy about result

got an epoxy to protect the motor windings and make it a bit quieter (doesn’t really help)

good new bearings

playing with NaOH

Fliess 2

crazy little monsters if used properly

do I really need so much?

dreaming about dual experience :smile:

getting rid of "too many wires"

welder v2 - 35V + thyristor

some evenings have been spent on building tools, rather than board itself

having fun with KiCad and prototyping

only god knows, why I still believed in aluminium…

eyes breaking parts

even proper tape was better than aluminium

time to understand motors theory and lowering KV afterwards

only 10gr less than originally - could have been worse as a first experience

still fighting against FOC instability

one more tool on a working table

finally the best combination found. Time to repeat success on 2nd motor

honestly, I didn’t even think that I would need to touch the motors as well…

randomly bought ABS turned out to be moldable many times without loosing its properties

it seemed to be a brilliant idea at the beginning. What could be better to test FOC on critical loads without risking your life? Luckily I noticed a smell and smoke from the Evolve motor before it fried

still trying to perfectly reflect the shape of a deck

after Fliess1 I understood that my setup is at least 10s5p

could not wait to try dual

can only recommend pcbway.com

not the best shape ever, but serves a purpose. Not the best plastic neither, but good draft material before Kydex or so

I would get crazy soldering it all, if I didn’t have some experience before on even smaller things

I hope I am not the only one thinking that soldering chips is an easiest part :relieved:

does anyone know in Frankfurt a hill where I can overheat mosfets? Maybe I just need to take some more weight…

no more wires! Hurray! Exactly what I wanted

never thought that stickers could make such a difference :hushed: I’m going to leave it as is. I don’t event need that black boring Kydex anymore :sunglasses:

less than 1kg of difference in weight but dual, twice a range, almost twice a speed. Anyone wants to buy my Evolve? :wink:

ahh! What I did?! I cut the wrong wires on perfectly working motors!

now protected

slightly lifting up

of course, the previous idea about individual motor connectors was shit, especially for performance board, where everything must be reliable and well protected

I don’t have any failures for quite a while, but still it is useful sometimes to have a quick access to settings

still looking for 70kmh+ volunteers. I am kidding of course. Everybody wants to live

The new drop down deck arrived already! Time to build Fliess3 and master sliding!


awesome build

@fliess What kind of electronic motor controller it is?

At first… from the placement of caps I thought maybe you got vesc-x design and pcb… but then when I saw coming out 6wires out of the esc and understanding it is for dual drive, I got it that this one is not vesc…

So can you shed some light on what motor controller is it?

Otherwise, very nice build log, lots of pictures…

I also wonder why did you go with belts in the end, if you said you liked chain better,. I assume with belt drive, there is less custom work :slight_smile: and also the weight seemed to be a lot less with belt drive as chain drive’s sprockets and chain itself were a bit heavy.

On what roads do you ride +60kph?

Crazy speed… did you do downhill rides before you started eskateboarding?

It is VESC - he built a dual VESC on one PCB. I saw above he had it marked as VESC 4.12:

bottom left text.

Awesome work and love the pictorial walk-through of your build and logic!!

Seriously impressive skills building all this from scratch. Kudos man! Will follow v3!


Wow, very nice build! Is it the fastest board there is?

@sl33py thanks for update, yeh when you now point it out, now I see it :slight_smile: yeh drv chip and STM chip now looks familiar. I assume the many mosfets and 6 wire output confused me a bit :smiley: since it started to resemble those chinese made electric skateboard escs at that moment.

The amount of effort on this build is mind blowing, bravo.


Will you be open sourcing your awesome work on this dual vesc? Really detailed build log mate, nice job.

Man, this build is now in the pantheon of my eskate gods! You only miss some carbon fiber work like @whitepony’s build to reach perfection, I’m sure you would kill it! :smiley: BTW, for the v3 you could try to build some custom hub motors, that seems to be a growing trend that’s surely gonna help the community, and I see you are pretty good with electronics

I got so engulfed in this it took about 20 mins to get read/see the entire thing. Mad props man!

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Wow! Awesome build and even better documentation!

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That custom dual vesc is awesome! what KV and voltage are you running because that top speed is crazy fast. Nice work on the motor winding.

No, but it is very impressive!

Fastest one I know went a bit over 100 km/h.

I cannot remember what brand or who is working on it, but I do know that Mischo Erban rode it. He fell off once, due to hub wheel urethane getting stripped off.

At first I though, yeah nice build brother. But once I started scrolling down, it was like OMG! You took it very seriously, KUDOS for that!

BTW why did you ended up lowering the KV of the motors instead of just working with a more suitable pulley combination?

What pitch are these pulleys and why did you choose them at the begining instead a regular HTD5?

BTW thank you for uploading such a big amount of pictures, they were plenty but I never got bored of watching/analyzing every single one.

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68.1km/h - you have serious ball mate !

This is crazy awesome!!! But one question. What kV are the motors?

@Okami, if the chain was not that noisy, then I would most probably stick to it. Otherwise, there is no sense to use FOC from perspective of noise, because the chain is anyway louder. We have very good roads in my area and after 11pm you are the king of the road :smile: My parents didn’t tell me what is downhill when I was teenager, so I missed that part of my life. Maybe good that they didn’t…

So for how long have you been riding already to ‘‘confidently’’ hit 60-65kmh ?

Or these are just ‘‘short bursts’’ of speed… so each time you just pray to god that you dont fall, lol? :smiley:

Otherwise… good setup, good roads and enough guts to push it till that speed… indeed

Thanks @sl33py! Now when I think about time spent on Fliess, it doesn’t look so scary, but yeah, all this stuff needs some good effort, especially when you need to buy all tools from the scratch. Luckily my neighbours don’t care, because they make even more noise than me :smile:

@Jap, you just need to put bigger pulley and give the motors enough current, not a big deal :stuck_out_tongue: