Fliess - Benchwheel Married Mini Remote

Hey guys. After 1.5 years riding Fliess, I seem to finally find a remote which I can trust and use with convenience (subjective). It’s called “?”. Yeah, there is no such one. It’s either not convenient (Mini Remote) or not reliable (Winning) or almost reliable (Benchwheel) or not very convenient and too much sensitive (Nano-X). I tried all of them. I love Mini for reliability, and I love Benchwheel for the comfort.

If it happens by chance you also have Benchwheel remote with either broken receiver or if it disconnects sometimes, you can easily marry it with Mini Remote (e.g. https://www.banggood.com/2_4GHz-Radio-Remote-Controller-Receiver-Transmitter-For-Electric-Skateboard-p-1125575.html).

Less words, more pictures:

Get pcb out of Mini, that’s all you need from there

Unsolder small receiver pcb from Benchwheel to have more space for Mini’s pcb inside Benchwheel remote

Mini pcb almost fits inside Benchwheel remote even without modifications

But small changes unavoidable

Now fits better

2 resistors mock potentiometer, just to avoid Benchwheel blinking all the time about error

Solder all together

Now both Mini and Benchwheel PCBs easily fit together inside Benchwheel remote

And what we have as a result

Just for comparison


Okay the thing I most care about is, are you feeding the mini’s pcb full lipo voltage?

Otherwise: beautiful job as usual.

The Mini Remote PCB seems to be just fine with 1S Li-Ion. Ask me how I know… :wink:


How do you know?

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The DIY within you is strong…


Did you buy that remote for 30$ 60$ or 15$ and is there a difference in the internals If you overpay?

I’m Pitty sure some people just sell them Overpriced.

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4.2v? Do you get more range? :wink:

The range is already so far I’m not even sure how to measure if it got bigger. I’m usually within a few meters whenever I’m using it

@deucesdown, thanks dude. Actually from the idea to implementation took 1 after-work evening.

Regarding voltage for Mini pcb - it’s connected to the pins where the actual Benchwheel receiver with antenna was. I measured 3V there, so should be just perfect, no less no more than 2xAA.

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@Blitz, I don’t think there is any difference at all.


Nice job @fliess !

You seem to have tested a lot of different remotes but there is no GT2B in your list ? Why ? It is said to be very reliable (never had problem with mine, before or after modding it) and not very expensive too.

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Hey @Slak, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Sure thing, I’ve heard about GT2B and nice custom cases! Never tried it though, indeed, only because I don’t like “index finger” design. And there are almost 0 custom cases offering conversion from index finger to thumb.

What I also like in Mini remote that you can set a small constant acceleration with white potentiometer and make your hands free. Once I did so and throttle got stuck on max acceleration in my pocket. That was really scary :astonished: Since then I don’t like index finger designs even more :smile: Throttle is just too sensitive.


Okay, I got it.

For the thumb subject, if you don’t know it (which I would highly doubt about), check this : http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/gt2b-baby-buffalo-mod-case-3d-printable-thumb-throttle-case/4694

For the stucked throttle in the pocket, I think putting a powered remote in a pocket is a really bad idea. I know people riding like this when it’s cold outside and I’m pretty scared for them. But everyone does what he wants as long as nobody gets hurt , I guess :wink:

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Actually I know this project :wink: I will see, if I have any connection issues with my remote, then the only reasonable option remains legendary GT2B. Well, it was cold indeed :smile: And I just wanted constant slight acceleration while learning dancing basics.

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Good job once again!!

Hi, what resistance were the resistors you used to remove the error? I’m thinking about doing this mod, I want absolute reliability with a thumb remote, but the bench wheel has disconnected on me briefly within the first couple days. :frowning: I wanted it to work perfectly so badly. Only the mini remote has worked perfectly for me so far.

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@jasonbhuynh, just go for it man, you will not regret. I still, after ~1500km, find this combination the best for convenience and reliability. Any single problem so far. Unfortunately cannot help much with resistance, since I didn’t write it down, neither remembered. But I knew, that if I needed to replicate it again, then I would just measure the resistance of the original potentiometer, which I also suggest you to do :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks! 10char

Just for reference where my poor remote ended up to be: https://youtu.be/b0w6h26HBBw Any single failure since March. Still can only recommend.

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