Fliess - Benchwheel Married Mini Remote

@fliess does the remote still retain the speed modes with this mod?

@deltazeta, no dude, sure not. There is only battery management part of Benchwheel, which remains functioning after the mod. The rest is reliable Mini.

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just finished my attempt at this, made mine without the holes in benchwheel casing.

@fliess how do you know if the remote is running low on power?


@deltazeta good job! If no mistakes, you gonna be happy with result :slight_smile:

as you can see from the pictures, the battery is still connected to Benchwheel PCB, so nothing is changed wrt battery management. It beeps when battery is low. Do not remember if leds signaling as well.


@deltazeta, how’s your progress?

remote is solid, everything works in the vesc tool, but haven’t got a board to test it yet, will update once that happens


@fliess i just realized the benchwheel wants to turn off after a couple minutes since it thinks its not connected. How did you prevent the auto shut off?

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Damn. It seems Benchwheel changed software meanwhile to do this check, because I never experienced anything like that… BTW, did you add those 2 resistors to mock potentiometer?

Darn, I’ll take another look to see if I can trick the detection. But yeah, I did mock the potentiometer with the two resistors, and that worked perfectly

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What type of resistors are needed for this mod? Could you please post wiring for this as well?

Does the mod make the transmitter compatible with the 2.4ghz gt2b receiver or stay with the benchwheel?


looks like the software is the issue here, no way to trick it with hardware :frowning:

@PatRocks The mod uses the internals of a mini, not a gt2b, but it does use the mini receiver if done correctly. But I would confirm your benchwheel remote will stay turned on without a connection to the receiver.


@fliess Thanks for sharing your mod, I took apart both remotes to check if this was something I could do. There are a few things I would like your help with. Do I use 2 resistors as in your picture below? image

Or just 1 as in this picture? And where exactly did you solder the upper end of those 2 blue wires. image

Your PCB from the benchwheel remote does not seem to have this component will it be an issue for the mod? image

Then, was your battery as big as mine it looks swollen. image

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there is another one from the opposite side of pcb :slight_smile:

there was a beeper, which I just moved to the bottom to get more space for mini remote pcb

this looks like a radio module, which is a bit different for your instance of remote. Whether it will be an issue depends on Benchwheel software. If you remove it then software may complain and prevent the remote from turning on or turn it off automatically after some time. I would leave it as is for now and try to connect everything together. Again, you never know what Benchwheel has changed meanwhile…

no, mine was ok. Yours looks indeed not good.

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your benchwheel pcb looks similar to mine, however I decided to remove the that extra component in order to avoid signal interference. Either that or software led to my remote turning off after 5 mins, so make sure you have a remote that doesn’t have that feature. Also i was able to solder the little speaker to the otherside of the benchwheel pcb and that was sufficient to make room for the mini pcb


Thanks for the info, i will try to do the mod i was never able to bind that thing anyways. Using your mod I will use the mini remote receiver, right?

I can see some marking on your battery may I know what I should look for if I plan to order a new one?

Oh bummer, so that remote I have is not compatible then. Thanks for the heads up, l appreciate.

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