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Flipping an old enertion k3 mount backwards?!

I will post real pictures as soon as I disassemble the mount off my board

This drawings show the general idea though; if you own one of the mounts and hold it up backwards on a caliber truck, you will easily see what I am talking about.

This mount is also open source on enertion’s webiste (for free), incase anyone is interested in making one… (I wouldn’t make one just to mod it though; torqueboard’s mount can swing in any position around the hanger, so you might aswell just get that.)

So here are the pics, with the boring technical explanation below… so basically there are two mods: one to the top piece, and one to the bottom. It all starts when you must rotate the entire mount so that it has enough clearance. This will shift you bottom “v” off, requiring you to dremel away some material in those two areas I pointed out. you can dremel out more than I drew, and the threads aren’t as close to the “v” as I drew them…

it is basically just lining it up on your truck, marker the two areas where the corners (of the semi-circle shaped truck hanger) touch the “v”

the top part of the mount just needs to have the longer side sanded or cut down so that each side is equal. you do this because the hanger now sits lower into the bottom “v” (because you dremeled away some material).

I doubt this is a good long term solution, but I’m just going to see how it goes… so far, with about 15 miles ridden one it, the mount is still holding up. Again, that’s nothing, but since I will be going back to the carbon fiber enertion mount in a couple weeks, I’m not too worried about it right now.

I will continue to check it after each ride to see how it’s holding up.