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Flipsky 14,53 inch 369 mm trucks and my build

Hello, flipsky offers such wide trucks since few weeks.

(I have 2x 6368 motors in and i had a problem to fit on the line them both. I had to design special mount for it and it worked ;p)

I need more stability for 90 mm wheels. Do You think, that evolve trucks clones are good option? Have You had some experience with that type of trucks?

Here is my build:

Flipsky vesc 6.6 mini

2x 6368 aliexpress motors (mayby mytech)

18650 inr-30q 10s3p batt

caliber II trucks

case, motor mounts and battery holders was dessign by myself and 3d printed.

90mm abec flywheels

deck shape is similar to evolve but made by me