Flipsky 4.2 Dual problem

Not sure why this happen. Trying to reach out to Flipsky but they’re not responding. This was VESC purchase in June. Was running with Evolve 150kv motor. Used the VESC programming tool and basically the automatic setup. Went on about 5 rides since having the VESC and today one side of the motor cut off. Okay no problem, thinking it might be a loose connections. Took a look at the VESC and no light on one side. Then spotted this. Burnt chip. Anybody have a clue what might had happen. Screenshot_20190728-193849_Messenger

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If you messaged them this weekend, wait until monday. They dont respond until monday-friday. They are usually very helpful

Thanks for the reply. They just contacted me. They can repair if for free but I have to for pay shipping.