FlipSky 4.2 Dual with 12S?

I have 6.6 plus Dual on my main board, and want to do a budget build for my wife. Looked at the FS 4.2 Duel and all my packs are 12S or 13S, some people have said the FS 4.2 cant handle 12S is this true?

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Search function… https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/search?context=topic&context_id=86493&q=Flipsky 4.12 12s&skip_context=true

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The Flipsky 4.20 Plus can do 12s, the non-Plus version cannot.


Thanks didn’t know about the plus, it explains why some say it could. Looks like it uses their ver 1 antispark (junk)

Can the 50A MayTech dual ESC do 12s?

How could we determine 420 plus or 420 standart?

the plus is with included anti spark and push to start… the standart not…

When you say it can do 12s, how is it different from the standard? Is it just the antispark? How long is its service life on bldc? I’ve got a friend who has an MTB he wants to upgrade from dual Max8 v3 but he has a new zippy 6s battery. If he can just get another one and use the 4.20 plus that would be better than having to shell out for the dual 6.6.

Pretty sure they also upgraded the caps to higher quality ones to better deal with spikes.

Can anyone verify this? I just want to make sure that if I tell him to get this one it’ll work without cutting out.

I also want to know this… about to buy the plus for 12s


The specs for the flipsky 4.20

It say you can use 3-13s not sure why you guys are saying you cant. I just ordered one for my 12s build i hope i didnt screw myself.

So it’s not worth buying? Is it better to buy antispark switch separately?

I have had the antispark die on two of my early 6.6 FS (using 12S), easy to bypass & use an external. My 6.6 Plus built in AntiSpark is still going strong even with 13S, the design looks to be better with the newer models, randomly I keep blowing voltage meters (not related to the vesc).

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