Flipsky 4.20 dual vesc .5 miles

I’m having an issue with my flipsky 4.20 dual vesc. I’m having a serial port issue after downloading my firmware. It gets to 100% then gives me the error and disconnects me. I’m also having issues with the pulselengths not being applied. And to top it all off my 12s2p battery that I have with it only gets me 0.5 miles on a full charge. I went through the wizards in the VESC Tool program but still having these issues not sure if anyone can help me but I’ve looked for an answer everywhere.

have you reflashed your vesc ?

How would I go about reflashing the Vesc?

I would suggest you watch a video for this one or ask help directly from flipsky. hasn’t got to play with the vesc tool yet since I’m missing 40% of my build. you could also try on the esk8.news there are more people over there that could help you.