Flipsky 4.20 pro switch wires

Hi, appologies if it’s been asked before but I can’t find it it it has. I got a Flipsky 4.20 pro FSESC. The antispark switch has 5 wires and 2 plugs. Obvs the 3 wire plug goes to the “Switch” port (5) on my version. Question is, What does the black and white wires do? They’re on a 4 pin plug(±) they can only connect to the “Can” port on the FSESC. What do they do please?

Do you have a photo of these connections?

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That looks like maybe it’s for 4WD operation. If you plugged it into another ESC’s CANBUS port then it can turn the other ESC on and boot it up by sending 5V to the board.


Mabe, I have no idea :thinking: