Flipsky 6.6 dual mini plus and vx2 remote issues board run away?

i set up my esc and foc wizards work fine. I like having reverse (current vs current no reverse) on the throttle but have noticed several instances of brakes applied at low speed causes board to shoot FORWARD instead. I have successfully recreated this issue a few times. luckily this has not happened while riding yet… Anyone else seen this behavior? This is my 3rd set of this esc and remote so am fairly sure i set it up correctly and it is up to date…

P.S. anyone know how to get around tire size limit so speed is right for 10 inch tires?

Do you adjust the ppm pulsewidth? What remote do you have?

vx2 remote so set to uart no ppm set up. I think that is correct for this remote but again no expert.

forgot to add, have throttle curve at -40 start and 50 stop to soften throttle response. played with setting to find what i liked.

If you have another vx2 you can cross check. Swap out, See if the fault persists.

If fault remains you have problems in the vesc/motors.

Check that the motor wires are all properly connected, no bad solder joints.

i am an old EE so yeah wiring is good. WIsh i knew more about these vescs so i could troubleshoot deeper into board… Come to think of it, it does it on my other board with same esc and remote too so got to be either something i am doing in config or issue with esc. again never happened while riding so not sure if no weight on board was part of root cause. Then again, how often do we nudge our boards around with the throttle when we are taking a break and want to get it out of the way… Maybe throttle chop has something to do with it it combo with the “current” setting vs “current no reverse”

Did you ask supplier for support?

So the fault persists with a new remote?

yes, i have recreated it on an entirely different esc and remote configured the same way. hasn’t happened while riding but i am very careful not to chop throttle for just that reason! Seeing as my dominator clocks in around 65 lbs, scared to think the damage it can do if it runs away and hits something…