Flipsky 6.6 dual vs Focbox unity

Hello to everyone, I have decided to upgrade my ESC. I can not decide which is better (Flipsky 6.6 dual or the focbox unity). I would like to hear opinions from the community and witch one would you recommend to me. Thanks!

Hi! we don´t know anything about your build and what you will use them for. both will work. flipsky you will get shipped now, unity only in idk one, two three month, depending on the next batch.

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My opinion is that unless you’re out there ripping up mountain trails on 8", knoblees and doing 20% inclines at full throttle you should get a unity.

I would like to try this on a unity as well…

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I think the best option is the unity, it’s compact and known to be reliable. It also doesn’t have any voltage reading issues like the 6.6s have had.

Only real question is, when do you want it? Now or later?

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I will probably buy it this or next week

I use a 10s4p pack consisting of 25r 18650 And two 192kv 6374 sk3 motors. My gear ratio i 1/6. Now i use 2 vesc 4.12

this will be your problem with the unity. ok, you can buy it, but only on preorder.

I ordered two Focbox Unities on the Easter sale but am now realizing I may not be getting those in a timely fashion. Estimates from the Unity thread say I should expect shipment in May or June :frowning:

I currently have a build going together that I’d like a controller for so I’ll likely be ordering a Flipsky 6.6 now as well haha. Does anyone have experience with the new Pro version with the built in antispark switch? Ideally I’d like the “smart switch” option for this but they don’t have a timeline on when that will be released.

Do you want to sell one of those 4.12???

I would love to , but they are going to be on my battlebot and i am not sure if they will survive.

After i broke one of my focboxes on my Trampa i replaced them with a Unity, the unity seems to handle heavy off-roading, steep inclines and drifting better than the original focbox, i had to push the board quite alot for the Unity to reach 60*C. Overall, it is definitly good enough to use on a EMTB.