Flipsky 6.6 group buy again

As before. 125$

they’ve shown to be good so far and the few that broke I know of (all from one person) they offered to send back for repairs.

Comes w a canbus if u order two

they’re on holiday till the 6th and will be sent to me then. its quick to me at like 3 days and then usps priority is 2-3 days to you.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11tUU7ivR3V2ZkjT_jl_L1U7CkeOMLKPmM4zCMJhK1Y4/edit https://flipsky.net/collections/electronic-products/products/fsesc6-6-simplify-version-with-aluminum-heatsink


How about duak fsesc 6.6?

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im just doing the single 6.6 for the group buy as it gets too confusing. the dual…its not much of a deal at wholesale and the single is a better deal.

with shipping it shows at 170$ minimum each 6.6 including the slowest shipping so going with the group buy can save about 50$ and im guessing probably faster.

So they’re good then?

after the last group buy and the other threads here related to the 6.6 I feel its safe to say yes they’re good. They also were talking to Vedder and getting his advice. As far as I know he only had good things to say about it. He was emphatic about using 3 shunts for sensing and the 6.6 has 3. the 4.2 only has 2. Looking at threads here about the 4.2 on the other hand it doesn’t show so well

no one? I need to get these myself as I still don’t have any. i’ll be shutting this down if no action in the next couple days and refunding

This sucks I really needed another set

How many more do you need?

like 5 more people.

they’re away for the holiday another week so we continue on and hope to grab these people by then.

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Hi, I’m new to the forum and interested in this group buy, but I have two (maybe self-evident) questions. First, do I PayPal first and then add myself to the google doc? And second, since this is similar to the last group buy, I just want to confirm the fsesc here. @Hummie, could you confirm the plan is to GB the one in the link above or will it be the one with the built-in anti-spark switch (like from the other GB)? Thanks in advance

yup its the one that has the built in anispark and you have to add your own actual switch.

I am in for 2.

edit: payment sent

Cool great awesome. Round m up

sent payment for two. thanks for the reply and thanks for doing this

all good. got it. when they’re back from vacation…

How many more do u need to sell to complete this groupbuy?

ten. in total. we will have no problem getting there by the end of their holiday on the 9th I think

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Payment sent for 2

Is this just for the US or is it worldwide? If so I might go in for two!

Just USA shipping. Keeping it simple this time. I also have extra canbus I’ll throw in