Flipsky 6.6 group buy again

Oh well. Next time perhaps. Thanks anyway!


Hi guys! Can you provide link for the power switch that will plug to the FLIPSKY 6.6? Thank you.

I think they said any that was 12v or above would work. and I think it has to be a momentary switch too right?

If it works with momentary switch that would be awesome. With that in mind, I think that with FLIPSKY 6.6 auto shutdown can be implemented. Can you guys confirm that momentary switch is being used? Thank you.

and there’s the possible touchless capacitance switch (touch screen) option. pretty cool. no moving parts

actually cant find the voltage on this one

going in tomorrow if you want to get in on the group buy

Typically a latch switch is used in vedder anti spark.

Can I get one with the momentary switch at extra cost? This way it will be plug and play. I wouldn’t use a capacitive touch sensor switch. One drop of water can produce a big problem I think.

its a one choice option and you get it with the heatsink and you have to get your own switch. choices!

In that case I will get one with everything from FLIPSKY. Thanks

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@Hummie what is the whole sale price of the dual. I know you said the discount is better on the singles 6.6. I’m just curious.

Monies sent. Looking forward to some new toys!

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I forget the dual bulk price but it wasn’t much cost decrease. From doing past group buys I’m keeping this one super simple sorry. Will send in the bucks n get them shipped tonight.

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@hummie do you still need people to fill slots? if so put me down for 2 can send money in about 5 hours when i get home and to the bank

sure and we wait for you

somone told me a momentary switch works with the antispark on some esc recently maybe not this one?

and the bucks are sent and the race is on. no extras for sale sorry.

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Have they shipped to u yet? Just looking for an update


Just got here. Will send tomorrow

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image image image

Good luck tell me how it goes if u have problems

Any extras? I need 2.