Flipsky 6.6 group buy IT'S ON. 120$ w/ 2 DAY SHIPPING AND TRACKING USA



Do you even need to use the power switch on these? What if have an anti-spark power switch (on the battery) before the xt-90 in?

I don’t think you need a switch. but if you do or don’t use one theres a solder connection that need be made or broken. forget the details but someone here should know or on their site

And you’d probably need to do this to both on a dual setup. Seems like there should be an easier way though.

edit: yea these don’t have the switch connector, it’s already soldered. Perfect for the battery I have which already has an anti spark switch.

lol just check the picture I posted :roll_eyes:

if you bought the one that doesnt come with the switch (this groupbuy), the 3 pin connector for the switch is missing and instead theres a solder joining 2 of the 3 pads to permanently turn switch on. The idea is you can attach your own switch later on if you desire.

On a dual set up, I would do a Y- splitter and skip a red wire connection on one of the VESC, so the LED only draw power from one of them.


So good news and bad news. The good news is that properly wired the onboard anti-spark switch does work. It even works if you double two up on the same switch.

The bad news is that firmware update through VESC tool does not work (at least did not work for me the 5 or so times I tried it). Interestingly one of my Flipsky’s came with 3.38 and the other with 3.40. I thought updating would be cake, but it wasn’t.

I was going to try to program it with my STLink but the pinout is different on this board than the 4.12 so I’ll have to wire a new connector.

If someone can check me on flashing from VESC tool that would be great.

Lastly, fair warning, it appears as though they’ve split the binaries. 3.40 for the 4.12 is not the same as 3.40 for the 60 even though the filename is exactly the same.

Ok, just one more thing - there appears to be firmware out there for hardware 7.5. Anyone?



All FSESC will be shipped with latest firmware version, Can you try this linking for correct update your firmware (tutorial) please?

For firmware, FSESC series all use the unlimited current 3.40 firmware for bigger current except orginal standard FSESC4.12. Pls feel freely contact us for any help you want. :smile: Service email: [email protected] (U6I%7DR~YDT%5B%7B%7DLNI%5DNSE4%248


I’m a total noob to group buys so be gentle.

Do I simply send $120 to the PayPal mentioned in the original post and throw my info into the spreadsheet to get this?

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No worries! Yes thats basically it but before you transfer via Paypal, I suggest you reach out to @hummie and ask if there are any spares on this batch that you can get. You can select Friends & Fam or seller option(for a higher fee from paypal) but I trust @hummie and paid him via F&F which is fine but generally not encouraged throughout the forum for several reasons.

Let me know how else i can help! :smile:

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Right on @Wraith I appreciate the helpful response. I’ve been reading through the vast majority of the comments in this thread and just now learned what people meant by F&F (thanks to you)

I can also see that he’s reliable and well trusted around these parts! Nice to see good people still exist.

@Hummie do you have any more of these available in this batch? I’d love to grab one!

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Yeah you can check

if you want a list to consult for verifying well accepted builders and sellers. If you happen to miss out there’s another GB of this same vesc that @hummie started a few days ago too.

Edit: You can Give him an upvote once you get your unit as well as it does help :smile:


Have you tried to install the bootloader? Sounds like the bootloader is missing.

Are you sure you are using 75_300 version? Because it differs from vesc6 voltage divider values, differs and other values and functionality also differs…


I assumed the bootloader was already installed. I’ll try that - thanks.

Thanks @BarbaraZ. It looks like the tutorial is standard, except installing the bootloader, which I assumed was already there. I’ll try that.

I am using the 60 firmware.


anyone got there’s running could tell us how they’re doing?

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I took them out for an embarrassingly short trip - I’m using them on my MTB build with 8" tires, so I took them out to a park that has a giant gravel parking lot and was cruising around the lot when I broke a weld and the whole thing shut down.

It was only 5 minutes into the ride, and I didn’t go heavy throttle, but they worked fine in the 5 minutes I drove them around.

I’m working on the board now (as in now that I have the correct thickness of nickle strip for my welder) so with luck will have a better report by the end of the long weekend.

[Edit 8:37PM Seattle time] board is repaired and ready for test! Also, beer thirty.


Thanks @DougM I’m extremely interested in any feedback about these VESCs

i was posting in the other flipsky thread but shouldve here. @evoheyax is maybe putting these to the best test possible running them maybe 6 hours a day delivering on his bike with a hub motor doing huge amps on foc with no shut downs and theyve been staying cool and he only has good things to say

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I thought @evoheyax was testing the 4.4 dual and not the 6.6 singles? Now I’m confused :sweat_smile: