Flipsky 6.6 / Nano-X stuck at max acceleration

Hi all,

Today I was on my way to work, and my board throw me off because suddenly it accelerated at full throttle for no reasons.

I’m ok Foc, sensorless, hub motors set at 60a / -45a / 30a / -15a on a Sanyo 10s2p.

At 11.13 when I got the issue: https://metr.at/r/CiIhf

I tested the failsafe and seems working so I don’t think can be a disconnection.

Any ideas? Thanks so much

Hey you’re in SF! So am I! Looks like you were riding through FiDi. I wouldn’t rule out heavy interference in that area even if there was no disconnection. Otherwise I would look at your receiver’s connection. Make sure it’s solid and glued down!

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Awe!!! I got interferences before but usually was a drop not an acceleration.

I might need to add that that happened right after a long downhill.

Thanks so much!!!

Plugged the mini remote and so far seems much better in every way. I’ll check tomorrow in downtown and see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll not crash like I did today :joy:

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