Flipsky 75100 VESC Fatal Flaw - READ BEFORE BUYING

The Flipsky 75100 VESC (shown below) has a major problem that has manifested on both of the two that I used.

The capacitors inside are oriented sideways and are supported only by the legs of their leads, which are solid, single-strand wires. Over time, due to vibrations from the road, the legs bend back and forth, fatigue, and break. This happened to the first one that I bought, as well as the one that I replaced it with.

However, the 75100 is still a killer value, being a VESC6 around $100 that supports up to 75 volts. If you get one, make sure that you immediately modify it to support or stabilize the capacitors. Something like silicone sealer or other filler material should be sufficient. I would not recommend hot glue because heat may affect the capacitors, plus hot glue degrades over time when exposed to outside elements, which a skateboard will constantly be in.