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Flipsky 8 inch AT kit any good?

I’m considering purchasing this kit:

Does anyone have any experience with these trucks, wheels, or quality of flipsky’s 6374 motors? Much thanks!


Look on the other forum ( forum)

They are have some information there

I’ve bought flipsky products twice. I’ve had flipsky products fail twice.

There will be no third strike, I’ll never put a flipsky product into a build again.


i believe that is what came on my 1st cheap Chinese built mountain board. ridden thousands of miles and had to replace everything except battery so far. even the gears wore down after several belt replacements and had to be replaced as well. axles are heavy and to be fair i clock in at 240 lbs so above recommended limit but rode the snot out of those mostly street.motors were crap an magnets failed many times on 5th motor now lol recommend trampa or mbs trucks and diy brackets. you will come out with a way better board. I just finished my 1st DIY after 4 stock factory boards not scratching the itch quite right LOL so have to say all about your ride style and comfort

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Thanks a lot for your input (and direction to the other forum). Like many, I want to build a relatively inexpensive mountain board without sacrificing too much safety/reliability. I recently finished my 1st DIY (kit from TB was amazing) and am hooked! Would the kit from DIYEboard be a viable option?

My current setup is: 38in 9 ply longboard deck; TB 218’s with TB 6380 170KV motor and FSESC 4.12. I weigh 185 lbs. I was thinking, as an alternative, upgrading my current setup to: TB 160mm pneumatics and adding a second TB6380 motor (incredible performance/torque) and 2nd FSESC (a 6.6 plus). Would this be a viable/fun setup for dirt trails?

Again, thank you so much for your replies!!!

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Try not to use Diyeboard for anything. If you have your heart set on it, suggest you buy from Dickyho’s eBay store. Quality seller. @dickyho

I’m likely going to go with parts from dickyho. I really appreciate your guidance Bill.

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