Flipsky DRV 8301 Error normal?

Hi there,

I have a Flipsky Dual FESC 6.6 pro Switch. When using the vesc tool and entering drv8301_print_faults I get the following for one of the escs: | FETLC_OC | FETHC_OC | FETLB_OC | FETHB_OC | FETLA_OC | FETHA_OC | OTW | OTSD | PVDD_UV | GVDD_UV | GVDD_OV |

The other one prints no faults.

Using the faults command prints nothing for both.

There is no obvious misbehaviour

Is there someone with the same VESC? Could you test if behaviour is the same? Version is the Dual Plus Switch Version

Thank you in advance and ride safe :wink:

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Maybe email flipsky…

Seems to be lots of people with flipsky issues lately.

Hi, they already answered, that this is normal behaviour, which would mean, that the DRV Chip is not connected to MCU at all. THis seems like a hardware design flaw then.

On the other hand I also get Overvoltage errors on full throttle with the TB 6380 Motors. I am not sure, if that issue is just due to the lack of power of the vesc and these motors.

So it is working as expected?

If we ignore the overvoltage error, when motor amps are higher than 65, then yes it is working correctly

sorry, this is over my pay grade…

you need some folks like @deodand or @Blasto shed some light on this.