Flipsky dual ESC 4.20 mounting case

Hey folks, Currently i am designing a slim case for my flipsky dual Esc 4.20 that i can easily Mount it to my Deck. I made some prototypes in pla for testing purposes. 154437114827030888182

You only need to unscrew the four heatsink pcb screws, Attach the Enclosure, and screw it on again. Before i will trash my prototypes i will sell it for cheap. Because its a prototype.

10€ shipped germany 15€ shipped World wide (+paypal fee) 3 available IMG_20181209_163333


This is great. I particularly like the introduction of the revolutionary orange cover design :joy:


It is more or less Red :see_no_evil: Well sometimes pictures doesnt get the right colors. Otherwise it is not the Best Red youve seen Edit: but how does @longhairedboy used to say: Red Enclosures make the Esc 20% faster


Pictures of it mounted?

You got any ESC to sell with it?

I will make one these days

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Unfortunetaly not

Hey I have a 4.20 for sale, practically new, just bench tested and did a loop around the block to make sure that everything was working (about 300 meters). I’ll sell for $125 + shipping. I am in Chicago. Let me know if interested.

This is how it looks mounted to a Deck. IMG_20181216_225343

It an Enclosure, just a mounting case. Nothing special