Flipsky Dual ESC has wrong number of pins for hub motors. Help!

I am using a Flipsky dual ESC and WOWGO hub motors but one thing I noticed was the motor (hall?) sensors have 5 wires (red, yellow, blue, green, black). But the pins on the board are for 6, or for 4, or for 7. So… how the hell do I get this working with the VESC tool?

It’s simply because the hall sensors on the VESC have a temp pin for sensors with a temperature sensor. The 6 pins are temp, 5v, H1, H2, H3 and GND not in any psrticular order. You have to figure out which pins go where and plug it in sccordingly. The red and black wires from your motors are usually 5V and GND, while the remaining 3 wires are your hall sensor wires. It doesnt matter which order the hall sensor wires get plugged in to H1, H2, H3 of the VESC, as long as each one gets plugged into one of the 3.

They have also have a manual on their website…


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Ok thanks for that. Makes sense. And yeah, I guess I could have checked their website. They didn’t send any instructions with their product so I only had 1 youtube video to watch.

Sucks that the temp sensor is in the middle there and the positive and negative are on the outside. I’m going to have to figure out how to get the right wires in the right places.

They usually send a printed copy of that picture with their product. Guess they forgot to pack it with yours.

You could buy a *6pin connector and reconnect the pins. Fairly easy to do.

You mean a 6-pin connector, right? I can give it a try.

Can you show me the sensors on your hubs? the photo is too small in the website. Im about to solder the sensor wires to my ownboard ESC that I have, with koowheel hubs…

cant wait to see your final product. are you going to put more power into them than the ownboard esc?


This is what comes off one of the motors

It is necessary to make it 6 pin with a gap between red and yellow. Sometimes there is a 5 pin motor with no temperature sensor. Wowgo’s motor is one of them. The motor sensor connector of the VESC is always 6 pins. Next to red 5V is a temperature sensor. Motor sensor cable 5 pins and 6 pins, the difference is whether or not there is a temperature sensor.

Ok so I made it 6-pin by soldering. I connected like so:

Red to red Black to black Yellow to yellow Green to green White to white Orange to blue

However, the VESC tool is not picking up on the hall sensors still! What am I doing wrong? Pictures attached.

image image 48%20PM

Here is a video of what is happening and why I want to get the sensors working. What gives!?

I am a little confused my friend, to reiterate. The hubs have 5 cables and the vesc has 6 pins. You know the pin out of the vesc but don’t know the pin out on the motor. How then have you made 6 solder joints? Sounds to me like you have a hall sensor in the temp sensor pin on the vesc. Sounds like you need to know the exact function of the motor cabling. @skateborad can you help this guy with some sensor info?

Magic! Hahaha.

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The motors have 5 wires and a white wire that isn’t used. I went ahead and soldered that into the 6 wire setup I have so that white wire goes into the temp slot. But I know for sure (and you can see based on pictures) I wired them correctly.

I think my issues are similar to @DAddYE in: this thread

It might be that the vesc is trying to detect a temp sensor without there being one on the motor. Try disconnecting it and have another go.

you can check the faults in the terminal. if one of the sensors is wrong or bad it should be written there. look in termin ->actual faults after you made a sensor dedection.


This is the sensor wiring of my FLIPSKY hub motor. There are 5wires from the motor. There are also 5 wires to connect to VESC. White wiring is not connected. But the connector is 6 pins. The temperature sensor is blank.

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It looks like your green and yellow wires are reversed. Hmmm ok taking things apart to try it out!

Yellow, green, orange, these three can be replaced without problems. The order does not matter. From the left ① red · ② blank · ③④⑤ (yellow · orange · green) · ⑥ black ③, ④, ⑤. The order of this does not matter.