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Flipsky Dual ESC has wrong number of pins for hub motors. Help!

This is the second time I’m told the middle doesn’t matter yet it’s still not picking up the sensors. I have the red and black in place and I’m skipping the temp pin. What gives!?

Not sure I understand what you’re saying. Did you mean debug console? Or you want me to type something in the terminal?

This is what I get in debug console: 2018-11-21 12:00:55: Status: Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received 2018-11-21 12:00:55: Status: Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received 2018-11-21 12:07:14: Status: Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received 2018-11-21 12:07:14: Status: Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received

Did u not get the 5-6 cable? All my flipsky esc’s came with the cable in the bag for the sensors and something else I forget, but look at the paper they included for the wiring and match it, I want to say the FS Esc’s have their wiring flipped (I may be wrong tho) so the diagrams help

15428290073541480630774 This is thethe pinout for the single 6.6 fsesc

15428290510671416081961 This is the pinout for the dual 6.6 fsesc

On the 6.6 dual the sensor pin out is flipped so, one goes: black, yellow, green, orange, white, red

And the other goes: Red, white, orange, green, yellow, black

I cut up some JST wires that they provided and soldered them together color matching (except for the orange to blue). I can now get one motor to register sensors but not the other. So weird.

Did u make sure the 2nd one is opposite to the working one?

According to the manual and the way the JST connector plugs in they both face the same way so negative is always on top.

That is incorrect, the Flipsky wiring diagram clearly shows that the left and right side hall sensor order is different. You are plugging them in wrong which is why you’re getting the hall sensor fault.

Here is the flipsky wiring diagram from their website:


Notice how one side V+ (red) is on top and on the other side GND (black) is on top.


@Steven1 he’s right i just looked up the diagram for his (4.2 dual) they are the same


You are looking at a different ESC than the one I mentioned. Here is the manual for mine:

Plus the JST connector will only allow you to plug it into the board one way. Thus (hopefully) preventing someone from doing this. Stupid of Flipsky to have two ESC’s doing different layouts though.

Nothing is flipped. They both the same order. Just one time the plug face to the right and the other time to the left.

I mean if you look up in the menu, there should be unter terminal I think be the option to show actual faults. Was hoping to see there some more information, I had once a bad result and checked there tha fault statistics. It said me the temp sensor is like -50 what means that my fault was with the temp sensor or the wiring of it.

Your wire order seem right according to the drawings. From where you have the white one? I thought the temp wire is missing and you have only 5 wires? If no temp sensor than also don’t connect the white wire.

I think I know what’s happening. I finally got one to pick up on the sensors but not the other one. I went for a ride and at one point things got slow. I picked up the board and only one motor was spinning. I pushed in the connectors that come with the wheels that convert the cable type and got power again. I think that connector might have been loose. Will verify tomorrow!

I stand corrected. Thought we were talking bout the 6.6. If it’s a lose connector it’ll be a very easy fix :smile:

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Round in circles here.

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I did that. Made no difference.

Let me check the topic.:rofl:

Can anyone help me? I changed out the motors on my inboard m1 which the vesc has the 6 pin plug white wire labeled as temp. My Motors don’t have the white wire and I just didn’t hook it to anything. But I get no response to the motors. I know my wiring is connected correctly.