Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Discussion & Findings

Hi guys!

I didn’t see a dedicated discussion thread for the Flipsky Dual 6.6 beyond group buy threads, so I figured I’d start one. I just got mine in the mail today and will be taking pictures and testing it, so I’ll be contributing my findings to this thread as well! I suppose I’ll start with the pictures:

Expand for pictures!

IMG_3529 IMG_3531 IMG_3532 IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3537

First impressions: Build quality seems to be pretty good, nothing is “obviously broken”, packaging contained lots and lots of bubble wrap. The shrink wrap they put on the vesc itself is very sharp though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning on putting it in a test build with raptor 2 hubs and a 10s4p and testing the shit out of it here in hilly SF. Hope I don’t die!


Main thing I think everyone wants to see is 12S FOC performance. If it can do that then its a standout product


That’s very true. Unfortunately though I don’t have a 12s battery handy except for the one in my kaly. If anybody in norcal is willing to lend me a 12s4p or something, I’d be more than happy to test it as well!

Looking forward to your findings, Sophia! :+1:

Running in 13s no problem so far! DSC_1234


Isn’t that the 6.6 but single vesc?

Yeah! Single fsesc6, second batch and got a big discount!, and they dont have the dual 6 that time!

Where did you get those raptor hubs eh? Did you strip down a complete or did you somehow manage to prise a pair off the man?
That looks like a well built unit though. This thread is a bookmark for me.

I got it as part of a “services provided” deal. Raptor 2 hubs for partially rebuilding a kaly :stuck_out_tongue:


Jasons little favourite you are then?!! How do I achieve this? pm me.

No no, Jason doesn’t come into it. I got them from somebody local.

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Lucky you! Bet they’re not local to me though. Guess who is local to me? Yes you got it! Enertion.

This will be a fun build…



Damn I would like to see some telemetry out of these hubs for years. Please make it possible. I just got 2 Flipsky 6.6, unfortunately the double unit was not ready few weeks ago. I am gonna follow this thread!

I just ordered several metr pros so I’m hoping those get here in time!


You can Use my 12s I don’t need it at the moment


I maaaaaaay take you up on that actually :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know where you live but Enertion never was local to me. These days they don’t even have stock in Aus anymore. Good that we have Zillboards here in Syd :ok_hand:

That was the point man they are based 1hour from me. Just a bit of light sarcasm. Yeah been talking to Zill a lot lately and thats exciting stuff. Especially the batteries. Interested to see the new stuff and he is going to be offering drive kits too.

Are they planning on offering individual parts like pulleys and belts? Would be awesome to finally have a local supplier for that sort of stuff