Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Discussion & Findings

Holy crap pls don’t die we need you alive!

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We’re going to need a 100:1 gearbox lol

All the torque!!!


IMG_20180914_135802 Running 70 motor amps and drawing 40 from the 12s battery, runs like a charm. One thing I have found out, that only one side can be a master side, I had no ppm signal in the vasc tool from the other side. Can’t get the Bluetooth module to work, can anyone help?

Yeah, I can’t get the Bluetooth module to work either… It’s very weird. I’m wondering if it isn’t different wiring on the port?

I have the Flipsky 6.6 single unit and I got this schematic with it. The UART port is different for sure than the 4.12 VESC. Starting from the 5v you find first RX and then TX. In the 4.12 is in the other way round. So basically reverse the TX and RX cable. I think its there just to complicate the situation :rofl: VESC 6.6 IMG_20180915_100653

4.12 IMG_20180915_101250


I hadn’t even considered that… Thanks for pointing it out!

I wired a lot of Bluetooth modules that’s why I immidiately noticed :rofl:


Damn that solder joints, for the motor wires looks weird… Normally a good solder join should not look like a giant solder ball

Looks like lead free :-/



So I remember reading somewhere on this very forum that you actually want it to be like that for high amperage applications, though I don’t remember where that was. I also might be too tired and hallucinating though :sweat_smile:

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From memory, solder has a pretty high IR… I could be wrong though…

I vaguely remember VESC being the weird one not mapping neatly to standard HM10. Regardless though thanks for noticing this :slight_smile: now its a 5 min simple wire switch as oppose to hours of tearing my hair out

Yes you can just lift the pin at the level of the JST and switch between the two. Not need new soldering. I don’t know why developer change also this small things. I don’t think there is a real reason in changing the pin layout. Anyhow bluetooth should work with VESC6. Mostly of the problem with the clone HM10 is related to the firmware and Android compatibility. Thats why I flash mine with the original HM10 firmware.

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does the bluetooth module has to be conected on the master side?

No, just whichever side has UART com enabled

Last time I checked. They sell VESC 6 and 4.12 based ESC now.

Both of side is fine. Although the setting are slightly different if it is linked to the slave vesc or the mast. Refer to Ackmaniac’s app thread for the difference. You can search for my replies. I think I asked first and explained to others later.

^^ This. College kid here. I’m waiting for my Flipsky dual 4.20 to arrive. It seems to be a good choice for my budget build. Others have reported it has cutout issues with 12s setup. But I guess I don’t need that much as 10s is enough for me. Their single and dual 6.6 seem to be working fine for higher power build, but it’s more expensive.


Reports have been sent to flipsky on the cutting out on 12s set ups. It’s good to hear from the individuals we think these products are geared for. Taking into consideration that testing for specific applications are just not available. We are the testers. The advantages we have as a community is that we share information and help each other. Everybody wants top quality across the board. Who doesn’t. If your running a high drain, high performance set up go quality and top notch. Our point is and always will be is that the highest quality and top rated equipment isn’t a fit for beginners and people on real budgets. We want everyone who wishes to have that felling of freedom and ( just cat describe it ) Exhilarating thing… We know these products have limits and need to be known. So any information given on this forum is valuable to keep people informed. One of our goals from the beginning is to INFORM THE CUSTOMER. Nothing has changed. I will give honest opinion on the best fit to each product.
I have said it before, safety begins with the individual, PPE , then a understanding of what they are doing. And last but not least. YOU OR YOUR EQUIPMENT ARE NOT CAR PROOF. The risk is inherent, it’s dangerous like any other sport, hobby that involves an individual riding a PMV. You can be injured on a bike or regular skateboard, so it increases with motors and speed. Ultimately , you need to be well informed on what you are doing ask questions as many as it takes. I answer questions daily and will always do so about all aspects of the industry. I will always help out. And I don’t believe in dumb questions.


That’s new… Did you report cutout problems with the 4.20 or the 6.6? Because I am planning a 12s set with 2 single vesc 6.6 from Flipsky. Better to know if it doesn’t work before to build the battery. Thx!

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